Treatment of traumas in diabetes mellitus - gathering of medicinal herbs

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People faced with presence of diabetes mellitus have to look for some additional ways of treatment of this disease along with use of traditionally prescribedHerbs to treat diabetes mellitusmedications. One of the most frequently methods of diabetes treatment that can be met is the use of folk remedies as herbal teas and other. May that be effective? The answer is clear and it is 'yes'. It is so if to follow some rules and be attentive to all professional advises.

Everybody suffering from this disease should know what remedies to use in case of presence of diabetes mellitus of second type first of all. Not all plants are capable to produce the required effect, and some others are able to harm the health. It is necessary to pay attention to the possibility of combining the traditional remedies with prescribed medications and theirs allergic manifestations (to avoid possible anti-effects).

What Herbs should You Use in treatment of Diabetes Mellitus

Herbs to Use in Treatment of Diabetes MellitusWhat consequences may be, if a traditional remedies miss in treatment of diabetes? First, any misuse may lead to some worsening of health condition or it can cause new diseases. The same negative effect may be caused by overuse of herbal teas. Second, if you do not buy herbs in pharmacies or herbal stores, but go to the nearest forest instead, it is possible to make a mistake and collect something different that you don’t need (if these plants grow in your climate belt).

Even when it is diabetes mellitus of the 2nd type, you should be very thoughtful and pay big attention when you select different remedies or herbs.

The information of what kind of diabetes shortage is present may be very useful in particular. Of course, the organism requires some extra support like additional dose of microelements, vitamins, nutrients to overcome the disease. In order to increase patient's organism resistance against other diseases, which may attack organism easily during this period, it is necessary to strengthen the weakened immune system. But there are some specific sides of each type of diabetes mellitus.

Herbal Tea Classification

Because this kind of disease is connected to insulin secretion dysfunction, it leads to a row of serious complications, including the growing shortage of insulinGinseng in Diabetes Treatment and other. The endocrine system function and metabolism get disturbed or broken; also carbohydrate food digestion goes down. Each of the mentioned problems needs their own methods of treatment. Based on this fact, there are few groups of herbs that are used in diabetes mellitus treatment and in prophylaxis of this disease.

The first group contains the plants, which are able to strengthen and invigorate the patient’s health and overall physical state. Such herbs like ginseng or coneflower are improving the endocrine and nerve systems functioning plus in the mildest cases they are capable of correcting systems functioning without any medications.

The second group of plants is able to improve the metabolism, those plants are rib-grass, knotgrass, dog-grass and other.

Some herbs are able to decrease the sugar shortage, they contain digestible kinds of sugar and these plants are pomegranate, grape, pear, chicory and wild strawberry.

Insulinoids may be found also in nettle, clover, lop-ear.

Cranberry, ashberry and cranker rose may help to create the barrier against outer infections with vitamins and other useful substances that they contain.

The last group in this list consist of plants that contain digestible carbohydrates: garlic, salad, potato and many others. Some part of these plants is introduced in special diet for patients that suffer from diabetes mellitus of 2nd type. In spite of their seeming safety, they cannot be consumed without a control. The only exception is cabbage, it can be eaten by patient as much as they can. The others are used as herbal medicinal products combined with medications for scheduled intakes (they may be used solely in the mild cases only).

Advantages of Herb Treatment Herb Treatment

What is the strong side of phytotherapy? First, it is safe (in case of the right dosage and right course length). It cannot create an extra load of liver as it happens due to an excessive use and consumption of medications. In addition, it is very cheap and affordable to anyone: if there is a list of herb medicinal products, it may be found and purchased in any pharmacy or chemists' shop. The savvy people may prepare herbs themselves because recipes and info about plants in phytotherapy have rich history and detailed formulation about how to prepare them. The diabetes mellitus of 2nd type was known in Ancient Egypt and it was treated by using of medicinal plants. The healing qualities of chicory beans and garlic were known already at that time.

The healing complex does not require a lot of efforts from patient, but the time table composition must be done carefully. For example, brewed leaves of blackberry should be consumed one hour before eating; the same is true about rind of green walnuts. A much more difficult task is to brew fresh sprouts of common elder (which are helpful in this disease treatment): one part of sprouts and one part of bark should be brewed (1 liter of water for 30 gr of mix) for one hour using ash fire and after that the liquid should be filtered.

Thus, using herbs in treatment of this disease may be really effective in the initial phases of diabetes mellitus of second type as well as when the disease is progressing. However, you should always get the approval from your attending physician, study formulation and directions of usage carefully and follow the diet and physical exercise recommendations. Only under such conditions phytotherapy is able to speed up patient’s recovery or, at least, stabilize patient's physical condition and add some power to resist the disease to bring normal living.

The effect from phytotherapy is proved with the fact that many countries of the modern world manufacture medications based on plant raw materials. Among those countries are India, Tunisia, South America and also China. At present time such medications are capable to heal the only early phases of the disease.