Hemodialysis patients with diabetes mellitus

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hemodialysis in diabetes mellitusAny doctor and patient are well aware of the seriousness of diabetes. The disease progresses rapidly and causes a lot of complications. Chronic renal failure (CRF) develops as a result of diabetic nephropathy. It is the most common cause of death among patients with this terrible affliction. What is the reason?

the fact that diabetes in the body accumulates waste products of metabolism. When health in the order they are displayed by themselves and not harm the person. If the immune system and the organ system is weak, then all the way around. At an early stage it is necessary to start treatment with hemodialysis. This is one of the effective methods of extrarenal blood purification. Hemodialysis is the penetration of substances through a special synthetic membrane. Thus, are removed from the blood the products of metabolism and toxic substances, restores moisture and electrolyte balances. Treatment with hemodialysis should occur only after clear diagnosis and approval of a physician. Regarding the testimony at the beginning of treatment in diabetes:


to Start dialysis only when conservative therapy is unable to overcome kidney failure in diabetes mellitus. She enters the terminal stage. The treatment is carried out using "artificial kidney" and dialyzing solution. Hemodialysis is performed 3 times a week under the constant supervision of doctors. The patient has to regularly visit a health facility where there is a device "artificial kidney".

an Important stage of treatment is the control of glycemia in patients with diabetes mellitus. Quite difficult, but vital. During the day, the glucose level can reach more than 15 - 20 Вµmol/l. This is called hyperglycemia. When it is mild, the danger is much less than hypoglycemia. The latter can cause spasms of the blood vessels and their thrombosis, increase in blood pressure. A serious consequence of hypoglycemia becomes ischemic stroke, which is often accompanied by loss of vision. In addition, mental health has worsened markedly: reduced stress, appears depressed state.

diabetes is not a death sentence. Professional treatment will help to overcome the disease and to stop its development. The main thing - time to think suddenly and not to self-medicate.