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headache in diabetes mellitusdiabetes is a serious disease that affects the blood vessels of the brain due to the fact that the circulation is a syndrome of chronic and acute failure. This leads sometimes unbearable headaches. Is there an escape from this scourge? The answer is "Yes". The output is the impact on the underlying disease, i.e. the use of therapy directed against the development of diabetes. Coupled with this applied analgesics and dehydration therapy. Any medicine should not appoint himself, because it can lead not only to increased headaches, but also to sleep disturbance, decreased performance, increased fatigue. Treatment must be adequate in force on the patient's age and diabetes related diseases.

Noticed that the headaches in diabetes, acquiring a stubborn character, reminiscent of a sharp and crushing blows to the head. Manifestation of cerebrovascular insufficiency. When such a pressure pain, you need to urgently measure your blood pressure - most likely, it is not normal, and should be on medication to stabilize him. With the stabilization of pressure she will go away.

Unconventional treatment agents headache diabetes mellitus is acupuncture massage. Self-massage of fingers held by thumb - it is responsible for the man's head. The finger should squeeze, to massage, pressure point to press on him about fifteen minutes. And it will begin to recede.

To reduce the acute attack of headache you should follow a diabetic diet (carbohydrate restriction to two hundred grams per day with the exception of sugar and sweets - they provoke attacks).

When used in the treatment of diabetes mellitus and sulfa drugs (for example, butamida or chlorpropamide), the patient feels relief from headache. If the treatment the patient uses insulin, the smallest the probability of its occurrence oppressive type you must enter it at the same time.

For the prevention of recommended daily walks in the fresh air, the normalization of work. Mandatory support vitamins B1, B6, B15 and vitamin C.

If the headache overtakes diabetic at work that's immediately something to eat - perhaps it will be yogurt or kefir. It is important that the body received the necessary supportive energy. Doctors recommend to support themselves, so, every two hours. It is not necessary to drink gallons of yogurt, a few SIPS - the body can cope with the attack.

And, finally, the most important thing when starting headaches in patients with diabetes mellitus - you should not panic, because panic will only gain. You should sit or lie down if possible, relax and breathe as deeply as possible. Often she retreats together with the relaxation of the body.