Hazelnut diabetes



Hazelnuts in diabetes mellitusdiabetics need to carefully select products, making your everyday diet. They are not fried and fatty, but those carbohydrates should be light, so the body with them could handle it. And only protein foods can have a positive impact on the health of the diabetic. It is important to comply with the rules. This includes hazelnuts.

the Filbert (aka hazelnut) is more common in Mediterranean countries and the former CIS. It is often used by confectioners, also it produce oil. Anyway, this walnut very tasty and full of protein. These seeds contains a lot of potassium, calcium, phosphorus, vitamins of group B. the List of nutrients goes on.


Useful properties of hazelnut

Hazelnut diabetesWhat is useful hazelnut diabetics? The fact that it contains very little carbohydrates and a lot of useful vegetable fats, which is the source of the required energy. 100 grams of this nutrient product enough to be able to get the daily norm of proteins. Diabetics who have impaired metabolism and who are overweight, need some of these nuts to satisfy your appetite and get a lot of necessary vitamins.

in addition, everything contained in forest nut, helps the body rid itself of harmful substances and strengthen the immune system. Fatty acids present in the hazelnut, has a positive effect on the digestive system and metabolism. Yet the core of this kind of nuts help the heart work better. Eating hazelnuts is a great prevention heart disease and problems with digestion.


Where to buy?

today the hazelnut is available to everyone. In the shops can be seen every day ready packaging with hazelnuts or purchase it in loose leaf. Doctors recommend to include hazelnuts not only healthy people but also for diabetics. A small handful a day will be enough to feel better.



Also in a certain season it can be found in our forests are of the mixed type. After collection they should rest up a little - just a couple of days. Then they should be cleaned from the shell and put it on the canvas. The main thing is that the nuts are dried in the sun for about a week. After that, you need to spread out nuts portions on dry bags or packages and put in a cool place without high level of humidity. If you store hazelnuts in the refrigerator, it is possible to use it for 4 years. At a temperature of up to 10ºC hazelnuts can be stored for about a year.