Grapes with diabetes

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Grapes with diabetesGrapes is one of the most juicy berries, which contains 55 to 87% water. Other substances which it includes, are different sugar, fructose, glucose, fibre, glycosides, aromatic, pectin and tannins. Grapes - a very useful berry, as it is rich in the following vitamins: B1, B12, C, B6, B2, P, PP, provitamin a, folic acid, vitamin K. in Addition to the grapes it contains beneficial acids: tartaric, citric, malic, succinic, phosphoric, formic, oxalic and silicic. Also grapes are rich in iron, potassium, phosphorus, cobalt, magnesium, and enzymes. Probably, everyone is sure that the grapes are very useful berry. But is it possible to use the grapes to the people suffering from diabetes?

Can you eat grapes with diabetes?

Everyone knows that with this disease, as diabetes need to reduce the use of those products, which contain large amounts of carbohydrates, and in the case when the disease is severe, generally costs from sweet to refuse. It is also necessary to limit your consumption of those foods that increase the sugar level in your blood. In the list of such products in addition to all the salty, smoked and sweet are still the fruit, the grape is top of the list, because apart from just the above, grapes contain large amounts of glucose and other sugars, and therefore are very nutritious.

Benefits of grapesGrapes with diabetes

But despite all the bans, currently made reverse opening: with diabetes of the second type can be dealt with grapes. Scientists have proven that this berry reduces the risk of developing metabolic syndrome and cardiovascular diseases, which are the main factors, precipitating diabetes.

experiments Were conducted. As a result of which it became clear that grapes lowers blood pressure, improves cardiac function and reduces indices of inflammation of the blood and the heart, so the grapes reduce the risk of diabetes.

But this discovery only proves that grapes should be eaten to prevent disease, not cure it, so those people who suffer from this disease, from the grapes still need to unsubscribe.