Grapefruit diabetes



Grapefruit - evergreen perennial citrus tree, which belongs to the family Rutaceae. It is also called rejuvenating Apple. Assume that the grapefruit is a hybrid of the pomelo and orange. This fruit very rich in the most important in the human body elements and vitamins such as: vitamins A, B2, D, P, C and carotene. As well as organic acids, calcium, potassium, fiber and essential oils.


Useful propertiesGrapefruit diabetes

that is very useful grapefruit has long been known. The problem of diabetes in recent years is becoming more and more relevant is due to a significant increase in the number of people who suffer from this common disease. Grapefruit is the primary preventive means for diabetes. To such conclusions the results of the experiment came clinical dietitians from San Diego. Patients who suffer from diabetes, with every meal is additionally consumed half a grapefruit. The results of the experiment it was evident that grapefruit diet leads to a significant reduction in glucose concentrations and reduce insulin levels in plasma of all patients.


Benefits of grapefruit for diabetesUseful content

a Bitter taste of the grapefruit determines the presence of naringin, which is then converted in the gut into naringenin, which is an antioxidant. This substance is able to increase the sensitivity of all tissues to insulin. Yet at the core of his actions lies the destruction of all fatty acids, which also occur during prolonged fasting. It is known that diabetes is disturbed carbohydrate metabolism, which contributes to a significant deterioration of the General condition of man, the grapefruit is able for its healing properties to support the exchange of normal. However, those people who have gastric acidity is increased, such a method for the prevention and maintenance of diabetes are not suitable.


Consumption of

People suffering from diabetes must be sure to before meals three times a day drink fresh grapefruit juice for about 100 - 300 gram, honey and sugar in any case not add. You can also use grapefruit not only raw, but can be added to desserts and salads.

In order to use only the fruit of grapefruit. They can be stored very long time without losing its therapeutic properties and palatability. Also in the fruit regardless of storage time does not decrease the content of vitamin C.