Gout and diabetes diet



Under the term "gout" refers to disease that occurs due to the accumulation and then the overabundance of uric acid salts in the body (mostly the joints). This disease occurs when consumption of foods rich in purine and fructose (especially for diabetics) or poor kidney function. To provoke the disease can eating high calorie fatty foods or fast. In addition, gout can get sick are those people who lead a passive, sedentary lifestyle. The diet and sports activities are great and a sure way to avoid this disease, as well as its further treatment.

Gout is basically almost entirely a male disease, because 10 people who suffer from this disease, accounting for only one woman. Often the disease affects those men that have already reached forty years. The disease may be combined with atherosclerosis, diabetes, and other diseases.

Hyperuricemia is an asymptomatic phase of the disease, where the level of urate in serum had already increased, though still there are no signs of arthritic and uric acid deposits. Further there is acute gouty arthritis. As a rule, he affects the patient lower extremity, since the joint of the big toe and gradually covering the entire area of the human foot. Gout often starts to bother the patient at night, and when Tom suddenly. It was at this time insignificant blood PH shifts to the acidic side, and then at a higher concentration of uric acid begins to crystallize, which leads to inflammation of the joint.

Next can occur gouty arthritis, which is accompanied by fever, chills, very high fever and abdominal pain. Sometimes the attack can last for a month, and then swelling and the swelling will subside.

In attacks requires not only strict bed rest, but the observance of special "hungry" diet, which should consist of dry biscuits, alkaline mineral water, sweet tea (if allowed in diabetes mellitus) and juices. From the diet in the diet for gout and diabetes it is necessary to eliminate harmful products that are rich in purines, as well as to exclude alcohol.