Goat's Rue for diabetes (Galega)

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Goat's Rue


goat's Rue in diabetes mellitusdiabetes is difficult to treat, many had learned this axiom from experience. But even if a panacea for this disease yet, to significantly improve the condition, stabilize the performance of sugar helps the goat's Rue or Galega. Especially effective is the action of curative herbs in the early stages of the disease.

Find, collect and dry the milk vetch's easy, it grows along roads and streams, in ravines and on forest edges, in beech forests and in mountain steppes. In some places its growth is considered southern territory of European Russia, the Crimea and Caucasus mountains. The plant attracts the attention of the tassels of blue or purple flowers attached to the leaf axils, arranged on a straight stem. For the treatment of diabetes use the tops, harvested during flowering and dried under a canopy.

the Hypoglycemic action of goat's Rue is due to the presence of alkaloid galegine. To achieve a sustained reduction in the level of glucose in the blood in patients with diabetes mellitus, take decoctions and infusions of herbs have for a long time. Galega, collected and properly dried, does not change its properties during the year.

research has proven the ability of vetch to stimulate cells in the pancreas and increase metabolic processes in the body.

Since the plant is poisonous, in the preparation of infusions and decoctions should always observe the proportions. Dry part of the milk vetch easy to crumble, you need to take 2 tbsp. l. chopped herbs to brew in ½ a liter of boiling water, then placed in a water bath and heat for about 15 minutes. The decoction should drain, then pour boiling water to again ½ liters, to be taken with meals for a third Cup. Unused broth can be put in the fridge, but more than 3 days to keep it. Daily dose means the patient with diabetes mellitus depends on your response to treatment, while improving performance portion of the broth can be reduced.

it is Convenient to use the infusion of herbs in alcohol, to cook in a ratio of 1: 1, take 20 drops after meals, but prolonged use (more than 30 days) may cause high blood pressure.

a Good result in diabetes makes the use of vetch in the composition of the herbs. To do this, pour the same amount of Galega medicinal, chopped dandelion root, herbs nettles and wing beans, take 1 tbsp of the mixture and brewed in a glass of water vegetatively. Waiting half an hour, then take before eating half a Cup of infusion.