Glucose in diabetes mellitus

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glucose diabetesGlucose is one of the significant indicators, which can be diagnosed diabetes. High glucose concentration is the result of a deficiency of insulin, which participates in the reactions by the absorption of sugars by the tissues of the body. Due to disruption of normal biochemical reactions in human blood accumulates unspent glucose, which is reflected in the results of blood tests.

What are the risks of high concentration of glucose diabetes? Increasing the level of sugar in the blood can be observed not only by appropriate analysis or blood glucose but also by certain symptoms. For diabetic patients is characterized by frequent urination and a constant feeling of thirst. This is because the excess glucose causes dehydration of tissue cells. The consequence of this process is the leaching of fluids from the body together with urine and further dehydration.

there are cases when the patient with disorders of the endocrine system, there has been incontinence. This may be a consequence of the high concentration of glucose, which adversely affects the cells of the tissues than on the peripheral nerves and reduces human sensitivity.

the Excess glucose affects the blood vessels of the body. May be compromised not only the integrity of cell tissues and their functionality. In this regard, decreased blood flow to internal organs, brain cells and the muscular system.

consequences of the destruction of the cell structure, and change in the course of chemical reactions in the body associated with high glucose concentration, is a risk of many side diseases. This may be a deterioration of metabolic processes leading to obesity, dysfunction of the cardiovascular system, stroke, loss of sensation, gangrene, kidney ailments, ischemia and so forth.

For people diagnosed with diabetes, daily monitoring of glucose levels. For this purpose, special test strips or glucometers. These devices differ in the way the skin puncture, use and value. To choose the best option for blood glucose will help a leading specialist or consultant the relevant trading point.

Regular blood tests, diet and doctor's recommendations, timely use of medications is the basic rules that must comply with the persons with disorders of the endocrine system.