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For people with the disease called "diabetes” is hard and difficult to select glucometer in the modern pharmaceutical, because each has its own features and the associated to range of features cost. Approach to the choice of this device is only individually because patient should balance his needs with the possibilities.

Description of glucometer Sensocard Plus

Glucose level meter Sensocard Plus produced by manufacturer 77 Elektronika Kft - Hungary is not only the accuracy glucometer, but also one of Glucometer  Sensokard Plus the most subtle of all blood glucose meters; it has a width of 7 mm, and also a large size screen and large numbers on it.

Blood glucose level meter SensoKard Plus there has built-in memory for 500 precedent measurements that allows creation of history of the results and it also can calculate the average of the results on a periods of 7, 14 and 30 days. Anyone can appreciate the dynamics of blood glucose level and apply corresponsive changes in supply or treatment: glucometer automatically creates a diary of the results that were obtained with set up of the time and date. You can also consult your doctor for advice with this data.

To get the result you need a drop of blood (sample of blood) with volume of 0.5 microliters. Measurements can be complete in 5 seconds. The device switches off automatically after 2 minutes after the last result (or 2 minutes of inactivity).

Test strips

To determine the quantity of blood glucose SensoKard uses specially designed test strips. Their features are:

Devices for blood sampling

For that purpose the are used lancets, which often come in a set with a glucometer Sensokard Plus. More lancets are available and can be purchased in the pharmacy or specialty store. Also for analysis are suitable needles from disposable syringes for insulin or special injection pens.


Glyukometr Sensocard Plus
Voice function: yes
Measured parameters: glucose
Measurement Method: electrochemical
Calibration of results: by blood
Volume of blood sample for analysis (microliters): 0.5
Measurement time (sec): 5
Internal Memory (number of measurements): 500
Statistics (average result for X days): 1, 7, 28
Range of measurements (mmol/L): 1,1-33,3
Encoding of test strips: chip
Mark about food: no
Package of Test Strips: tube
Weight (g): 96
Length (mm): 90
Width (mm): 55
Thickness (mm): 15
PC connection: infrared
Battery type: button
Warranty (years): 3 years

Prices & Where to Buy

Price of glucometer Sensocard Plus (in Internet pharmacies) ranges from 25 to 50 dollars, depending on the number of strips included in the kit. Prices for individual packages of test strips are around 17-25 dollars per 50 pieces.

You can buy this glucose level meter and accessories in online pharmacies, specialty stores, as well as in most simple pharmacies.