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U.S. Company Prestige is not the first year is engaged in production of ultra-precision medical equipment, which is in demand in the world market. Series of glucometers Prestige is a strong competitive concurent in the range of medical equipment, and therefore big interest to the model Prestige IQ is quite reasonable and logical.

Description of glucometer Prestige IQ: Glucome Prestige IQ

Glucometer Prestige IQ provides to user highly accurate analysis of blood sugar level. This device is space-saving "laboratory" that can be you without everywhere and you can take in a trip or a long journey. Diabetics need regular blood sugar control, and therefore the device developed by American company Prestige is the essential element of daily life of patients which helps to their health.

Glucose (sugar) level is displayed on the screen of the device that offers to user the most accurate result of the current blood test. Prestige IQ model has a compact dimensions and also they are framed in a secure enclosure that does not allow the device to be damaged by a fall or blow. This glucometer allows you to make the analysis of blood glucose level anytime and anywhere by yourself. You don’t need special medical skills, and the blood collection process will be as painless as possible.

User Reviews:

People who purchased the glucometer of American Company under the trade name Prestige «IQ», characterize all the model is primarily by the high quality of work. Buyers reported also about accurate analysis without having of technical failures combined with the speed of work.

In general, most of the people who were surveyed were satisfied with the perfect purchase. Similar glucometers of other companies have less attractive features combined with low quality and high price. Besides, there is the representation of the American company Prestige in Russia that means that in case of any technical lining the buyer will be able to apply directly to the seller and get qualitative service.

Test strips for blood glucose meters Prestige IQ:

Included with your glucometer Prestige IQ test strips , which are needed for the analysis of blood. In fact, it is a special band with contrasts and reagents, which allows you to make the analyses outside of a professional medical laboratory. Once the initial set of test strips to be used, you can easily buy new ones.

Overview of advantages:

This model of glucometer at first attracts people due to its beautiful design. But, as a beautiful wrap cannot in any case be a reason for the purchase of medical equipment, we decided to test the device in its original purpose – work and taking of needed analyses.

Accurate measurements taken by equipment to miscalculation to hundreds pleases users. The output gives very accurate “picture” of result, which allows you to keep track of changes in the level of glucose in the blood at the moment.

The device is powered by removable and rechargeable battery that keeps the positive charge for a long time; it don’t creates unnecessary problems to user. For easy storage of device developers was granted it with a special case. Everything is convenient and easy. Download the instructions in PDF.


Glyukometr Prestige IR (Prestige IQ)
Range of measurements of blood glucose, mg / dL 25 - 600 (mmol / L) (1,4 - 33,3)
Limits of relative error in the measurement of blood glucose,% ± 25
Internal memory size (quantity of results) 365
Measurement time, with 10-50
Power one 6-volt battery J-cell (Duracell 7K67, Eveready 539)
Mass of glucometer, including the battery, g 139
Overall dimensions 120x69x28
User warranty policy (years) 3

Prices & where to buy:

Prestige IQ glucometer model is quite popular on the market, and therefore it is easy to find it in the stores. In any pharmacy you can meet on sale this glucometer, but the price level will be relatively overvalued. It will be much easier to order Prestige IQ from online store and you will get nice bonus: the purchase will be delivered to the threshold of you house by courier, and the price would be more attractive than in pharmacies.