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Review of glucometers One TouchGlucometer One Touch Ultra

Diabetes is a serious chronic disease and it requires from the patient to conduct regular self-monitoring of blood glucose values. This allows to patient with diabetes mellitus to maintain good health and prevent other diseases such as heart attack, stroke and cataracts. To control blood glucose level are used special devices - blood glucose meters.

One Touch SelectOverview

Glucometers - are electronic devices used to measure the glucose level concentration by the analysis of a small drop of blood – sample for analysis. Glucometers are designed and specialized for patients with diabetes and give them the opportunity to monitor at home their blood glucose levels during the day. For its normal functioning it uses elements listed in the instruction: Display, sterile lancets, test strips and battery. Blood glucose meter is small device and it fits in the palm. This fact makes it portable and gives the owner unique opportunity to carry it with user all the time everywhere he wants. Sterile lancets are designed to pierce the skin, also they are selected depending on the thickness of the skin of patient and lancets must be stored according to the rules of personal hygiene (in a special cap).

Among the large number of glucometers presented today on the market deserves special attention glucose level meter called One Touch, the production corporation "Johnson & Johnson", company "Layfsken". This device is one of the few that have menu in Russian language. Exploitation of it is comfortable enough for a "diabetic-beginners" - people who relatively recent got the diagnosis about diabetes. Step by step instructions on the screen meter allow to people with diabetes to learn how to use the device and to determine blood glucose level in a short period of time. In this clinical studies proved the accuracy.

How glucometers One Touch work

These blood glucose meters belong to the third generation of these devices and their work is based electrochemical principle of action, which involves the presence of a weak electrical current through the interaction of the reagent and test strips with the blood glucose. The device records the received information from electrical currents and receives imputed glucose concentration in the blood and then displays this level. The results of the electrochemical measurements are more accurate, than the other measurements.

Glucometer OneTouch UltraHow to use the test strips for One Touch

This consumable is applied to test strip and then it reacts with the blood and determines the level of glucose. Be sure to put blood exactly on the mark indicated on test strip as the instructions say. Test strip by built-in capillary draws itself exactly needed amount of blood for analysis. Test strip for One Touch has a two-electrode structure that provides double checking of analysis and the accuracy by comparison of the results of two electrodes.

To simplify the analysis each of test strips in set have only one code that you need to install first time only once. Time of analysis is only five seconds. The large screen lets you see indicators marking each "before the meal" and "after eating", with the average results of the last seven, fourteen and thirty days. Glucometer can use the memory of and keep history about 150-350 precedent results. Large numbers and symbols on display make available this glucometer for people with low vision.

Comparative analysis of models of glucometers One Touch (which model of glucometer choose).

Glucometers One Touch on national market can offer to buyer choice from several models with different modifications Select, Ultra,OneTouch Ultra-Easy glucometerBasic and Ultra Easy. The main differences between these models are the shape and size of the display and body-size, and of course the amount of blood that is needed for a single measurement. The amount of memory in devices One Touch also differs and varies from one hundred and fifty to three hundred measurements. Some models are even equipped with a data transfer port that allows connecting and copying of information into the computer.

Where to buy the device, the price of equipment One Touch

Glucometers of company One Touch can be purchased from authorized dealers of brand Johnson, in pharmacies, online stores and specialized stores of medical equipment. The price of equipment is: Select - from $55, Ultra Easy - from $65, Ultra from $90.