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Glucometers series OptiumThe Abbott Company (USA) for many years produces instruments of measurement of the amount of glucose in the blood. Glucometers Optium Omega (Optium Omega), Optium ICSID (Optium Xceed), Freestyle Papillon (Freestyle Papillon) are highly appreciated among people with diabetes. Each unit has its own characteristics, each device can chosen individually.

Comparison of blood glucose meters Optium

Glucometer Optium Omega

Description glucometer Optium Omega (Omega Optium)

Main features of this unit are:

    • For the analysis it requires very small drop of blood, about 0.3 microliters.
    • Glucose level is shown on the display after 5 seconds.
    • The device has internal memory of 50 last results of measurements, with the date and time, that gives to patient useful information and statistics about state of the body and it improves the effectiveness of treatment.
    • The device turns off automatically after 2 minutes after the last measurement, making it easy to use.
    • The work of glucometers is to determine the blood glucose level in a certain amount of blood, if the amount of blood sample is not quite enough the result will be lower than it is really. Using this glucometer the patient has 60 seconds to deliver the required volume of blood to the test strip. This helps to avoid incorrect results in the measurement and save quantity of test strips.
    • The accuracy of the analysis is not affected by the presence in the blood of such substances as aspirin, acetaminophen, uric acid, etc.

Features of test strips used for Optium Omega Meter:

    Test strips for Optium Omega
    - It is enough for 0.3 microliters of blood sample for analysis;
    - If volume of blood sample wasn’t enough it is possible to add blood on a test strip in a period of 1 minute before adding the of first amount, so it will help to avoid incorrect results;
    - Time of use is determined only by the expiration date of test strips that is printed on the packaging and it doesn’t depend on when the bottle was opened.

Description of glucometer Optium Xceed

This unit allows you to determine not only the level of glucose in the blood, but the amount of ketone bodies (ketones) too.

Features of this glucometer:

    • The amount of blood enough to get result is about 0.6 microliters;
    • Glucose level is shown on the display after 5 seconds;
    • The device has built-in memory with 450 the results of recent measurements, which allows to assess data about state of the body and to increase effectiveness of treatment over time;
    • Device has ability to display the average data of measurements on a period of one week, 14 and 30 days;

    Glucometer Optium Xceed

    • Auto Power Off (2 minutes after the last measurement) makes it easy to use this evice;
    • In the case of insufficient amount of blood is possible to add the necessary quantity of blood within 30 seconds, and this feature helps to save the test strip;
    • The result of the measurement is not affected by the presence in the blood of drugs such as acetaminophen, aspirin, uric acid, etc.;
    • Battery capacity is enough to hold about 1,000 measurements of the glucose level in the blood;
    • Calibration of the device is performed using a special test strip;
    • Device can determine the level of ketone bodies in home conditions.

Glucometer needs following test strips:

Test strips Optium Plus for the measurement of blood glucose level and Optium Ketone (Optium β-Ketone) to measure the level of ketones in the blood (each test strip is individually wrapped).

Prices and where to buy glucometers of series Optium

Prices for glucometer Optium Omega in internet pharmacies range from 35 to 55 dollars, glucometer Optium Xceed costs about 45-85 dollars, Freestyle Papillon Mini - from 45 to 60 dollars. You can buy glucometers of series Optium at most pharmacies and specialized companies that sell drugs and devices for people with diabetes. For information on the availability of blood glucose meters and test strips manufactured by Abbott you can call Customer Support Services on telephone number 8-800-100-88-07.