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For many people who suffer from various diseases is a big need to very carefully monitor tatus of their body. This is necessary in order to control the medications and any threats that take effect on the health and something is bad the time is needed to take corrective action. One of the largest groups of patients around the world is diabetics. They are who need the most interesting variety of modern instruments and devices, which will help them to obtain the required data in the simplest and most convenient way. Such device can be considered glucometer, that allows you to control the level of glucose in the blood. Glucometers LONGEVITA are considered as one of the most simple and convenient devices in this class of medical quipment for personal use.

Description of glucometer Longevita Kit of glucometer Longevita

Externally glucometer LONGEVITA looks more like a pager with larger screen than and it does not seem and look as complex medical device. By the way, as it was noted by users, device has big and comfortable screen and it is a big plus. It's suitable for people with low vision and for old people too. It is very important for the users to clearly examine the result of the measurement. So it is the main factor why this device is chosen. Blood sampling is done by piercing of the skin with help of special lancet. The level of puncturing can be adjusted. People with thick and rough skin can adjust the length of the needle specifically for themselves, without experiencing of any difficulties. The set includes a sufficient number of lancets and of test that will help ho make the measurements. Glucose, which is contained in a sample of blood, inevitably enters into a reaction with electrodes placed on the test strip. As a result, the electric current is generated. This stimulates a chemical reaction to take place in a certain way. The results are processed by a glucometer LONGEVITA and then immediately are displayed on the screen. Based on the data provided by device you can adjust medication, diet or stress.


Glyukometr Longevita
Measurement time 10 seconds
Range 1.66 - 33.33 mmol / L
Minimum blood 2,5 ml
Memory 70 measurements
Power 2 AAA
More material plastic LCD screen.

Price & where to buy

The device in USA cost about roughly 40-50 dollars. It is recommended to buy the device in pharmacies or in approved medical stores. When buying please carefully study the instructions and all related documentation to avoid the purchase of non-standard or inconclusive device.