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To reduce the risk of possible complications from diabetes people with this disease have to measure the blood glucose level several times a day Glucose meter Icheck. This lifetime-long procedure forces to the patient to have responsible attitude when choosing glucometer. Correct evaluation of the device is based on several criteria: typically on resulting precision of the device, ease of use and price. Big variety of models in pharmacies complicates the correct selection.

Judging by user reviews, most of the devices determine the level of glucose quite accurately. However, there is a large number of factors you should look at attentively. As example: size and shape of the device determines the convenience of its use. Additional difficulties may arise in the process of determining of the glucose level. Use of device can be inconvenient because of the size of test strips. It is hard to keep your fingers, when applying a drop of blood to the test strip and insert back into the right slot. Another important factor is the price of the device itself, as well as cost and availability in pharmacies of test strips. The price range for modern blood glucose meters can be from 50 to 85 dollars. Most diabetics consume about 5-6 test strips a day. The average cost of the container of 50 strips is about 30 dollars. Such amount of test strips will be enough for no more than 10 days of use, and the monthly amount of test strips costs about 90 dollars. The lack of test strips in drugstores ay force the patient to switch to another device.

Icheck Glucometer Equipment Review of glucometer Icheck

Optimal choice for a diabetic is the glucometer Icheck, the best combination of quality and ease of use. The shape and size of glucometer Icheck allows you to hold it comfortably in one hand. For the analysis is needed only small drop of blood. Result of measurement is ready less in than 9 seconds. The basic set includes a handle that helps to pierce the skin and set of test strips. Lancet is sharp and does the minimum required piercing of skin, which provides a painless procedure. Large size of test strip is advantage because it helps to easy to get out them of the container and inserted into the slot of device. Lateral position of blood-collecting zone eliminates the need to keep in hands the test strip. The necessary amount of blood is collected automatically. Each series of test strips is accompanied by unique chip. Meter is equipped with internal memory. Icheck holds in internal memory up to 180 results of precedent measurements and allows the calculation of the average blood glucose level over a week, 14 or 28 days. Measurement accuracy of the device is at the level of the leading devices of other manufacturers.


Long experience of using of glucometer Icheck in our country shows the high accuracy and reliability of the device. Many consumers appreciate the ease of the procedure. A small amount of blood required for the measurement, reducing trauma and pain of procedure. Results of analyses can be stored in memory of PC and then in the future analyzed by patient and endocrinologist together. This approach greatly improves the quality of life of people with diabetes.

Glucometer Icheck is best device that provides complete control over the course of the disease and gives significant financial savings according to reviews of people that have diabetes.

Technical Specifications

Glucometer Icheck
Measuring time (seconds) 9
Volume of blood sample (microliter) 1,2
Range of measurements (mmol / L) 1,7 - 41,7
Measuring principle Electrochemical
Internal Memory (the number of measurements) 180
Calibration Using blood
Average result (periods) 7, 14, 21 and 28 days
Setting up of device’s code Special code strip
PC Connectivity +
Power CR2032
Dimensions of the device (mm) 58 x 80 x 19
Weight (g) 50

Where to buy & price

Icheck glucometer is available at any center of diabetes across the country. Test strips can be bought at a reasonable price in the online store or pharmacy. Unlike other manufacturers' devices price is 45 dollars. Most importantly, the price of the test strips is about 15 dollars per 50 pieces. In terms of monthly use is just 45 dollars, which makes using of this device almost 50% more economically.