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Glucodr AGM slim 2300 is an accurate and inexpensive glucometer of Korean production with modern design. It is easy in use and it can provide accurate results in the shortest possible time, also the device has a large display, which shows all needed information clearly visible.

Description glucometer Glucodr AGM slim 2300

Glucometer Glucodr AGM slim 2300

The device is designed only for external use (diagnosis method is called “in vitro”) to measure the amount of sugar in capillary blood. To complete the analysis, the small drop of blood (blood sample) will be sufficient. The user will get an accurate result in 10 seconds.

The special features of this device are its low cost, and the possibility of economic use of consumables. Slim lithium battery is already installed in the device and included with your glucometer 2300 AGM, a lancet pen and 10 cartridges for it - lancet, instruction and test strips in a quantity of 25 pieces: this is what you’ll get in package with the device. Glucometer Glucodr AGM slim 2300 has 3 years guarantee and 6 month guarantee for lancet pen.

How device works

System of measuring of the amount of sugar in the blood in this device is based on the measurement of density of electric current, which is caused by the reaction of glucose with the reagents that are located on a golden electrode on test strips. After the blood sample reaches needed zone of the test strip, the reaction begins with sugar 'intermediary' and diabetes oxidant. Such a reaction causes creation of electric current. Its value is proportional to the concentration of blood sugar. Using this reaction, the device can accurately measure the amount of sugar in the blood.

Things to know when using the device

Test Strips GlucoDR

For the analysis of blood samples can be used only strips GlucoDrTM SuperSensor and GlucoDrTM Slim. The device can be used at home only for the quantitative measurement of glucose level of just taken on the analysis of a blood sample. In this case, the self-measurement cannot be considered basis for declaring of such a diagnosis as diabetes.

Recommendations for use

Extreme changes in temperature occurs wrong results given by the device Glucodr AGM slim 2300. Thus, before the analysis, you need put down the device in a location for about 30 minutes. It will adjust to temperature changes. Disassembling of the device is not recommended because it can damage the small details that will lead to its malfunction. Also it will cause loss of warranty of the device.

Technical Data

GlucoDr AGM Slim 2300
Name GlucoDr Slim Blood Glucose Test Meter
Model AGM-2300
Measurement Method electrochemical
sample volume 2 ml
test strip GlucoDr Slim Blood Glucose Test Strip
Measurement range 1,1-50 mmol / L
long test 10 seconds
Calibration button
Power one battery type (CR 2032)
Battery Life approximately 1000 tests
Temperature from +10 є C to 40 є C
humidity level no more than 85%
Dimensions 115h29h13, 5 (mm)
Weight 33g
LCD 41h18, 4
Memory 250 measurements

Where to buy & price

GlucoDR glucometer is available at any of diabetes centers across the country. You can buy test strips for this device with best price in the online store or pharmacy. The price of the device is about 40 dollars. Price of test strips is about 15 dollars per 50 pieces.