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Glucometer Glucocard II Super is device for measuring of glucose level in the blood produced by «Arkray» Corporation, Japan. The device is compact and easy to Glucometer Glucocard 2 Super to use. The dimensions of device are such compact as it easily fits in the palm. The device is stowed in special purse. Producers have provided also a special pocket for auto-lancet. Device has LCD display, its body has white color. The set includes a calibration test strip, which is also the key to setting of the parameters.

Description of glucometer Glucocard II Super

Glucometer works by analyzing data from capillary blood with using of test strips, each of which is tightly packed. Measurement takes about 30 seconds and then the result is displayer. The analysis principle of glucose level contained in blood is based on the electrode-sensor technology. A drop of blood taken from the finger of a patient through by piercing of his skin by lancet, by capillary force enters the reaction chamber based on the strip. Before puncture finger is wiped with alcohol wipes and is dried after. The big advantage of this model is that the blood after absorption enough quantity into strip doesn’t requires washing of excessive quantity. The cost of the glucometer includes a set of 50 test strips when you purchase it.

Manufacturer has provided three types of strips for Glucocard II Super:

Test Strips for GlucocardUse test strips

After installing of gauge test strips, you will hear a beep. For a few seconds, the display will light up all the characters. This is a test, after which the unit will be another beep, and after 10 seconds the display will show the average result of all blood glucose levels analyses (up to 20 measurements). Please note that if you suddenly lose your calibration test strip, you can use a simple, but you will be able to see average glucose level just three minutes later.

Features of the device

Glyukometr Glucocard 2 super
Test Strips: Super Glucocard II GT-1640
Quantity of test strips per package: 50 pcs. boxed
Expiration date of test strips: Printed on the package
Measurement principle: Electrochemical
Volume of blood sample: 3 microliters
Calibration: Performed by blood
Test time: 30 seconds
Dimensions: 87 x 51 x 14,5 mm
Weight: 45 g
Internal Memory: 20 results
Coding of the device: Calibration test strip
Batteries: 2 x CR2032

Reviews, prices, where to buy?

Due to the compactness and ease of use, the glucometer Glucocard II Super has positive feedback from users.

This glucose level meter can be purchased at the drugstore. Additional 50 test strips you can buy for $30. If you decide to buy from direct sources/resellers, it will cost about 22-24 dollars. The entire set of bag and the glucometer will cost you about 60-65 dollars, but if you decided to buy auto lancet consumables with this device of this company, you will have to pay another 12-13 dollars. Of course, in all pharmacies it will be a little more expensive than in online stores.