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Unfortunately this disruption of the endocrine glands, as diabetes, today isn’t rare. People suffering from this disease have to take regular measurement of blood glucose levels. To test yourself and your glucose level in blood use the glucometer. Health of patient that suffers from diabetes primarily depends on the accuracy of the test results because these results are basis for the doctor in process of determination which dose of medication patient needs. Series of glucometers Clever Chek is one of the best offer on the market in terms of price and quality.

Overview of glucometers Clever Chek

Glucosemeter CleverChek

Today series of blood glucose meters Clever Chek is produced by two producing countries - Taiwan and Germany. The devices that are produced in Taiwan have all the necessary qualities and functional abilities that are required for the most accurate determination of glucose level in the blood. In addition, the kit includes detailed instructions in Russian language.

Glucometers CleverChek (Clever Chek) have several varieties, the most popular of which are 4209 and 4227. The main differences between the models of blood glucose meters, basically is the amount data about latest measurements and of results that can be hold in internal memory of the device and, of course size.

The device produced in Germany, belongs to the category of advanced analyzers. As you know, people that have diabetes often leads to loss of vision, so the German manufacturers of series Clever Chek blood glucose meters have made sure that in the process of testing there will not be any problems for people with low vision. Device is equipped with the voice announcement of the results of the analysis in this case. Devices that are not equipped with voice announcement function are simple and easy to use. The result is displayed on the LCD screen. The result is displayed in large digits, which is especially useful for older people.

Test procedure using glucometers Clever Chek is simplified. The accuracy remains at the highest level. In order to determine the concentration of glucose in whole blood, you need a minimum amount of blood - only 0.7 microliters. This is significantly less than what it would take to implement the accurate analysis glucose meters from other manufacturers. Another distinctive feature of this series of blood glucose meters is high speed measurement. Blood glucose levels can be found in 7 seconds after contact of blood with test stripe.

Test-poloski Klever-chektest strips Clever Chek

Everybody can take analyze of blood glucose level by itself. Once the device has been turned on, make sure that the encoding matches the code of glucometer test strips. To do this, there is a Clever Chek glucometers electronic chip strip. Then put the test strip into the meter face up. The test strip is to be distributed along the length of the contact lines. After that you should make a blood sample, put the right amount on the test strip, and just 7 seconds may be already know the result.

Series of blood glucose meters Clever Chek due to its excellent technical characteristics and its practicality has been approved by people with diabetes. They note the ease and convenience of the devices. In the sale these blood glucose meters come in calibrated with using of initial blood plasma state. And even if the person performing the test will forget to turn the unit off when the procedure will be finished - it is not a problem. Clever Chek blood glucose meters are equipped with auto turn-off feature, which will cause auto shut down in a few minutes after the end of the test. Manufacturers offer lifetime guarantee on produced devices, which means high quality equipment.


High performance, great looks, modern design and a low price suggests that the series Clever Chek blood glucose meters today is one of the best deals on the market of medical equipment of that category.