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People with diabetes should always have on hand a quality of glucometer that will help to timely control the level of glucose in the blood.

Today national and foreign manufacturers represent to buyers a wide range of blood glucose meters, but leading position belongs to Glucose meter Bionime GM100 Bionime glucose level meter, that win leading positions not only on the Russian market, but also the global market too.

Glucometers Bionime: review and feedback

Glucometers Bionime are developed and produced in Switzerland and these devices are one of the best in the European sector. The main advantage of these devices is ease of their use. This fact makes it possible to analyze the blood glucose level at home, without any help of medical staff. However, in hospitals Bionime is widely used due to the fact that device is capable to display the results with high accuracy.

Also, the glucometers of this model have a relatively low price as the test strips to them too. This makes them accessible to a wide range of people.

The manufacturer offers to people suffering from diabetes following models of blood glucose meters Bionime 100, 300, 210, 550, and 700. In general, the models of blood glucose meters listed above are similar devices, but they differ in some technical parameters. For example, almost all the models have a good display and backlight. But the model Bionime 100 does not require the introduction of a code and it performs calibration using blood plasma, but to work with this model is needed amount of blood that has volume about ~1.4 microliters. The common characteristics of all devices are simplicity, safety and ease of operation, fast performing of analysis, small penetration into the skin, and electrochemical method of analysis.

Bionime Company products have positive response among both professionals and the simple people, who daily use blood glucose meters.

Test Strips Bionime Test strips for blood glucose meters Bionime

All glucometers work directly with Bionime test strips , that are easy in use and are stored in individual containers. Test strips are covered with special gold-plated electrodes with high sensitivity that allows taking of accurate measurement of glucose in the blood. Using of gold can be explained by to the fact that this chemical element has high electrochemical stability, and this fact positively affects the accuracy of the analysis. The analysis time is from 5 to 8 seconds, and to complete it you’ll need about 0.3-0.5 microliters of blood. The only condition of storing of test strips is avoiding of contact with direct sun light.

Devices for blood sampling (lancets)

Before the blood sample you should study the provisions of the instructions, and then follow its regulations. Then you should prepare  Bionime Lancets glucometer, make blood collection and insert the test strip into the slot on glucose level meter. After the analysis it is necessary to dispose of the test strips and of lancets, and the glucometer must be disinfected. As a disinfectant, you can use simple warm soapy water or any alcohol solution.

Prices & Where to Buy

Price range of production ranges from 33 dollars, depending on the model and configuration. You can buy glucometers Bionime in specialized pharmacies and on the official websites of the manufacturer or of its Russian representatives.

Those who decided to get glucometers Bionime, will get a great device at a decent price and its quality and accuracy will be assured by manufacturer.