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General information about Accu-Chek glucometers (Accu-chek)Table sugar control akkuchek

Company Hoffmann-La (known as Roche) is a fairly well-known German pharmaceutical company, which occupies a leading position in the field of development and producing of diagnostic systems.

Roche produces various diagnostic equipment and devices. In particular devices for self-control of glucose level in blood for people with diabetes - glucose meters.

Glucometer Accu-Check, with its modern design has small size (not bigger than bunch of keys) and light weight (40 grams), is a very common medical device for people patients with diabetes. This type of blood glucose meters gives accuracy and reliability of analysis, thanks to the implementation of mandatory system check before each measurement. Glucometer also allows you to set reminders and mark the measurements.

Manufacturer of Accu-Chek, where to buy Accu-check

Fabrics where Accu-Chek is produced are located in Ireland, the UK and Germany. If the devices are manufactured in the UK or Ireland, then they will come to Germany for the final inspection, packaging then will be export to buyers. Production of test strips Accu-Chek (Accu-Chek) is only located in Germany. Accu-Chek blood glucose meters can be purchased from authorized dealers of brand Roshe, in pharmacies, online stores and specialized stores of medical equipment.

Features of Accu-Chek blood glucose metersGlyukometr Akku-Chek asset displey

Positive side of using of this glucometer is the presence of large display with large characters and numbers that makes it suitable for people with low vision.

With the development of computer technology, the glucometer is equipped with an infrared port that allows you to pass information directly to the computer.

This glucose level meter is considered an invasive, which involves the need of skin to be punctured to determine the blood glucose.

Also this device refers to photometric type of glucometers, whose work and analysis involves the following chemical reactions. Thus, the interaction of a special agent which is applied to the test strip, and of glucose contained in the blood colors this reagent in blue color. The color intensity of the blue color corresponds to the concentration of glucose in the blood. Optical system is mounted in glucometer is, which independently analyzes the color changes and calculates the amount of glucose in the blood. The main disadvantage of the optical measurement system is its fragility and the requirements for special care. Sometimes errors in measurements can be observed.

Test-poloski for glucometers Akku-ChekTest strips

In this glucometer by manufacturer is provided convenient system of using of test strips. There is a filling control of test strips. There is the possibility of applying to the test strip of additional drop of blood. To the benefits can also be included a feature that displays on the screen useful information about date of expiration of used test strip. At the opening of the tube with the test strips note that they can be used until the expiry date indicated on the packaging.

Comparison of Accu-Chek glucometers models

Glucometers Accu Chek (Accu-Chek) have several varieties, the most popular of which are Active and Performa Nano. The main differences between the models of blood glucose meters, basically, are the amount of memory on the latest measurements and of course, size. In some models of blood glucose meters the Infrared port for communication with PC is incorporated such as (Active, Performa, Aviva).

Review Accu-Chek

Main advantages of these devices are reliability and safety in operation meter. Also it is easy in use for people with old age. The measurement time is only five seconds. There is the possibility of putting a small drop of blood on a test strip in the device as well as outside it. Judging by user reviews the device is simple to control.