The best glucometer (test strips & lancets for glucose level meters) - how to choose, comparison, types, models and user reviews

Glucometer is a device for the measurement of the glucose level in blood for people with mellitus. There are several principles of measurement and analyze that are used by glucometers, recently have been released devices for home use. Blood in these glucometers is applied to a disposable plate, that contacts with a biosensor. The result is ready in a few seconds. Measurements should be taken on an empty stomach.

Comparison of blood glucose meters

Comparison of blood glucose meters is ease of its use in laid range of errors for the device. To standard devices are allowed quantity of errors is no more than 20%, but in some cases it can be 50%. Test strip may have a defect and the device itself may has range of allowed to it errors. Devices of this type are not single and these devices are part of the group of diagnostic tools. They come in package that contains device itself and many other devices such as unit for piercing of finger for taking the blood sample for analysis - Scarifiers.

Types of blood glucose meters by their methods of work

All blood glucose meters are divided into three types: Raman, electrochemical and photometric. The first one are now in the testing stage, they haven’t been developed completely yet, but they seem to be very promising. They determine the level of glucose using method of spectral analysis, blood sampling is not needed. Photometry is a method based on visual determination of the color intensity of the test zone. Glucose reacts with certain substances in the test area, so more intense color of blood is that means that level of glucose is higher in dependence of color intensity. This technology is currently out of date because results of the analysis are not very accurate and differ from each other each time.

Types glucometers that are based on electrochemical method for the data are divided into coulometric and electrochemical. In the first case, the quantity of blood should be very little, bigger quantity is needed a little bit more in the second case, because after that from blood will be extracted plasma, which will be used in analysis. External factors practically have no effect on results of measurements so these methods are considered accurate. Most of devices in Russia work with the peripheral blood.

Features of glucose level meters - what is best to choose


Satellit Plus

Satellite Company has a promotion for potential customers, when you depositing the device for glucose level measurement of another company and you buy 3 packs of test strips, you get the glucometer Satellite Plus for free and also Dia Dent pasta and diary for self-control. In internal memory of the device can be stored 60 previous results of analyses, also the amount of blood needed for analysis is about 15 micro liters and the result is ready in 20 seconds. The electrochemical method is used in this case.


Glucometer Akku-chek GouAccu-Chek Go uses a photometric analyzer, blood can be collected from anywhere. Control of blood volume needed for analysis device controls itself, the analysis begins automatically. Blood can be applied to the test strip before its installation into the slot on device. Glucometer has an internal memory that allows you to store data about 500 precedent results. To determine which glucometer is better to buy, it is necessary to know where measurements will be made: in conditions of home or anywhere. Some devices work only at room temperature.

Performa Nano glucometer has a design comparable to the cell phone, also it has a memory for 500 measurements and it calculates the average for the week, two weeks and one month. The large display is comfortable in use; also there is an incorporated reminder of the measurements in the form of sound signal.


Glucometer One Touch Horizon

One Touch Horizon is controlled by one button, it does not require a lot big blood samples and incorporated battery cannot be replaced. The device is replaced completely after the end of the battery life. The measurement using this glucometer is effectuated in 5 seconds. Choice of glucometer is made individually, usually several models used to make comparison and determine the best manufacturers and devices.

One Touch Ultra Smart needs for the analysis 1 microliter of blood and it uses an electrochemical method. The result is announced after 5 seconds. To save battery charge the device is equipped with automatic shutdown feature: it turns off in 60 seconds after the last key press. Special cap allows you to draw blood sample from the arm. The device can be connected to a computer; it has a great memory to and it’s capable to keep a diary of the measurements. But if you think about negative sides of this device it is only one - high price. That’s all.


Glucometer Bionime GM 500to test with Bionime Gm 110 needs a blood sample which has volume about 1.4 microliter, the result of measurement will be known after 8 seconds. The device automatically stores in memory last 300 results are the average result over the last month and a week is automatically calculated. The device has high cleanliness of the working area so the blood does not get into it by design of test stripes. Encoding port is calibrated when new test strips are inserted into device and it helps in providing of high accuracy measurements. The display is large and easy-readable. The body has a non-slip coating. Based on user reviews, the test strips are relatively expensive, so instead of daily measurements, the patients make take weekly measurements.

Bionime Gm 300 is not very different from the previous model and it can be explained by common producer from Switzerland. Test strips in both cases are the same - Rightest GS 300, so for completing of analysis you’ll a full drop of capillary blood. Bionime Gm 500, as the previous two devices is produced in Switzerland. So it means that it can only be used the original strips, among which often you can find and non-working ones too. Their price is very high compared to the average price of other brands, so the damage from each broken test strip will affect your financial position substantially. The device uses the Optium omega coulometry, the test takes 5 seconds and accuracy of each result is quite high. The blood for analysis can be taken from any part of body. The instrument is compact; it stores history from last 50 measurements. Interfering substances in the blood does not affect the result.


Glucometer Optium EksidTest strips of glucometer Optium xceed have an additional electrode, which makes it possible to run the test even if the quantity of blood is insufficient. Once the liquid is collected in the required amount, device will beep a confirmation tone. The instrument measures in addition the level of ketones in the blood. In Freestyle Papillon Mini blood on the strip can be added for a minute to reach the required amount and then the test will start automatically. It uses an electrochemical method of analysis, the analysis duration is about 7 seconds, 0.3 ml of blood is sufficient to get the result. Ascensia Elite is different from other devices by the absence of buttons, each test strip is packaged separately, there is no coding. It is not enough for one drop for the analysis; it takes at least 2 microliters. The results obtained after 30 seconds. If you will look for the results of user reviews, the best blood glucose meter is considered Optium xceed.


Ascensia Entrust has large display, the measurement time is about 30 seconds long or even more. The device works only at temperatures above 18 degrees; only one drop of capillary blood is enough to measure glucose level. Lancing device "Mikrolet" is included with lancets in package too. Esprit model from the same manufacturer contains a disk with 10 test stripes. It saves time, but increases the amount of blood for analysis - you will need at least 3 microliters of blood. The device contains two buttons so you’ll be able to set the time, and obtain average result from precedent measurements.


Glyukometr Accutrend PlusAccutrend Plus is a biochemical analyzer can determine level of cholesterol, lactate, triglycerides and glucose level too. Lactic acid is determined in a minute, triglycerides and cholesterol in 3 minutes, 15 seconds for glucose. The memory can store history from 400 precedent measurements. It is used photometric method of analysis. Clever Chek td 4227 is a talking model, there is no need for a screen; the body of device is made in the form of a cell phone. Main screen displays the emoticons, which helps easily to determine the level of glucose. The device operates at temperatures located in range from 10 degrees and above. The results of Clever Chek td 4209 are strongly affected by hematocrit, so there’s a risk of getting distorted results. Medicaments do not affect the result. The volume of blood needed for analysis is about 2 microliters; the result will be available in 10 seconds.

Medi Sense

Glucometer Medisense Next model of glucometers that has a pen-style body is Medi Sense Pen, it gives a result within 20 seconds; its operating temperatures are 18 degrees and above; it requires for the analysis at least 3.5 microliters of blood. Battery charge is enough for 4000 measurements, the device weighs only 30 grams, the length of the device is 14 cm and diameter is about 1 cm. It uses electrochemical method of testing; ten strips and lancets are included into initial package. Judging by user reviews the compactness of the device is one of its minuses because of small size of the plate it is difficult to place a drop of blood on area of 2 mm². The battery does not change at low temperatures so measurement becomes impossible.