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IME-DC is a blood glucose meter designed to detect capillary blood glucose levels. For its accuracy and quality of this meter it is currently considered one of the best products of this line in Europe and on the world market. Its high accuracy of measurement and analyze is based on an innovative biosensor technology. It has democratic price and ease of use make of this meter is attractive enough for most people who live in different parts of the world.

Glyukometr Ime-dc komplektDescription of glucometer IME-DC

Device in process of diagnostics uses «in vitro» method. It has a high contrast LCD display for easy readability of information. On this screen measurements are displayed in that way so they can be seen even by patients with decreased vision.

IME-DC is easy to use and it has very high precision, which is 96 percent of accuracy of the results. The results are made available to the user through the help of high-precision biochemical analyzers. Based on the user reviews this glucometer model IME-DC matches the high requirements of patients, so it is actively used at homes and in hospitals around the world.

Control Solutions

Control solutions are used for the control of the test system of the device. Control solution - is, in fact, an aqueous solution that has a certain concentration of glucose. It is created by the developers so that is fully consistent and equals by properties to samples of whole blood needed for analysis. However, the properties of glucose that is contained in the blood and of aqueous solution are different. And this difference should be considered carefully when the control check is implemented.

All the results that were obtained during the control test,must be within the range indicated on the vial with test strips. At least, last three results should be in this range.

Principles of work of IME-DC

The basis of the device’s work and analysis is the method that is based on biosensor technology. The enzyme glucose oxidase is used, which allowsKomplekt meter Ime-DCmake special analysis of ß-D-glucose levels in blood. The blood sample is applied to the test strip and in this process is used method of capillary diffusion. Glucose oxidase is a trigger for the oxidation of glucose, which is contained in the blood. This raises the electrical conductivity of test strip, which is measured by the analyzer. It fully corresponds to the amount of glucose present in the blood sample. Like a sensor in process of glucose detection is used the enzyme of glucose oxidase. The concentration of oxygen in the blood sample directly affects the activity of the enzyme of glucose oxidase. Thus, it is essential in analyze is using of capillary blood, which must be obtained from a finger with help of lancet.

Blood samples for testing (blood sampling by using lancets IME-DC)

You should not take for analysis (applied to the test strip), serum, plasma, venous blood. The use of venous blood significantly overstates the results, because it differs from the capillary blood by oxygen. When a venous blood is used directly before use it’s better to consult the manufacturer.

Please note, that analysis must be effectuated immediately after a blood sample was received and it got ready for test. Because there are slight differences in the oxygen content of capillary blood from the different parts of the body for constant monitoring of blood glucose it is necessary to use capillary blood, which is taken from the finger by lancets Ime-DC. If blood is taken from alternative points, then you should immediately to consult with your doctor.

88mm x 62mm


Glucose Level Meter Ime-dc Ime-ds
1. Dimensions:x 22mm
2. Design: Electrochemical biosensor (it determinates electrical conductivity of the blood that reacts with glucose oxidase)
3. Test Type: GOD = glucose oxidase method (also referred to GO)
4. Weight: 56.5 g
5. Battery: ZV Lithium CR 2032
6. Battery life: At least 1000 test
7. Display: Large LCD
8. External output: RS 232 interface device with the PC
9. Memory: Capable for storing of 100 measurement results history with date and time of each test.
10. Automatic control of the installation of diagnostic strips
11. Automatic control of the load test
12. Automatic countdown analysis
13. Standby mode: Battery consumption is less than 20 mA
14. Auto shut-off device The timer is set to one minute
15. Temperature warning
16. Operating range of temperatures: +14 ° C ~ +40 ° C
17. Conditions of storage/transport: -10 ° C - +60 ° C, 5% - 95% relative humidity
18. Unit definitions: mmol/L or mg/dL

Reviews, prices and where to buy

meter IME-DC obtains positive reviews from consumers, because it is simple and easy in use there is a possibility to store information about the last tests and manage own little “history” of previous analyses. In addition, the duration of the analysis is not more than 5 seconds, and the collection of material for analysis is painless. Price range for the meter IME-DC ranges from 45 to 60$ per device, depending on the country of its origin and configuration. Glucometer IME-DC can be purchased from authorized dealers of the brand in pharmacies, online stores or in specialized stores of medical equipment.