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People suffering from diabetes have become accustomed to the fact that every day they have to measure their level of glucose in the blood. Previously, there was need to go to a medical laboratory but now with invention of portable non-invasive blood glucose meters blood test became available in the home conditions and result is ready only in a few seconds.Omelon noninvasive glucometer

Description noninvasive glucometer Omelon (Omelon)

With the move scientific progress there is no need in blood samples for analysis of glucose in the blood anymore. This is effect of invention of noninvasive glucose meters. This type of instrument determines the level of sugar that’s and glucose in the blood using muscle tissue and blood vessels, without collecting any quantity of blood. These devices combine two functions simultaneously: blood pressure meter and glucose level analyzer. To this category of devices belongs tonometer and glucose level analyzer "Omelon".

Glucometer-tonometer "Omelon" is intended to measure both kinds of data: blood pressure and blood glucose, and also heart rate without the use of test strips and any blood samples.

Principle of work of non-invasive blood glucose meters

Quantitative value of blood sugar affects the state of the blood vessels. Consequently, by measuring blood pressure, pulse wave, vascular tone on two hands, «Omelon» analyzes and calculates the amount of glucose in the body according to the set of values of these parameters at the moment. The result is displayed on a digital screen. This is great for self-measurement, especially for diabetic patients with serious violations of the body, such as loss of vision, weakness, and other.

The device "Omelon" is developed by Russian doctors-scientists and physicians. From other devices it is different by its quality and high-speed CPU and high-precision sensors, from which directly depends on the accuracy of measurement and as consequence of the results. At the moment this glucometer has a patent in Russia and in other countries around the world.

Terms of device usage

For a more precise analysis you should measure the blood pressure and the amount of sugar using glucometer "Omelon" in the morning on an empty stomach or after having a meal. You must closely follow the requirements, as with other blood pressure measurements taken with other digital tonometer. To take the measurements correctly you should sit at have rest at least for 5 minutes. During this time, the blood pressure will normalize, and the unit will be able to provide accurate data of body state and parameters. If you want to compare rates and dates with other glucose meters, you first need to know the result of "OMELON" and then any other device, and then compare them. Keep in mind that blood glucose meters from different manufacturers have their own setup and normal blood sugar levels. As a rule, based on user reviews, portable invasive (requiring blood sampling), blood glucose meters yield results by 20% mol/L higher than it actually is. At the same time, blood glucose meters cannot overstate the tests - it depends on the properties of each individual instrument settings and body.


According to clinical studies, which were conducted in Kursk city hospital #1, performance meter and tonometer "OMELON" is much more accurate and other portable glucose meters.

People who have bought "Omelon" satisfied with their choice. Many people like that they do not need to buy any test strips. By comparing the amount of glucose in the blood with portable blood glucose meter and laboratory data is not a big difference (deviation of 1-2 units). Moreover, when taking on an empty stomach analysis there’s almost no difference. Device is little inconvenient for portable use, because the weight of "OMELON" is about 0.5 kg. Therefore, people mostly use it at home and at work are taking portable invasive blood glucose meters.


Omelon Glucose Merer
Range of air pressure in the cuff: from 20 to 280 mm Hg. Art.
Limits of the absolute error in the measurement of air pressure in the cuff: ± 3 mm Hg
Range Heart Rate: from 30 to 180 beats/min
Limits of relative error in the measurement of the heart rate: ± 5%
Display range estimated value of blood glucose:
from 2 to 18 mmol/L
from 36.4 to 327 mg/dL
rate of pressure in the cuff pressure measurement mode 2 ... 5 mm Hg/s:
Minimal display:
• measurement of pressure of 1 mm Hg
• measurement of pulse rate 1 beats/min
• indication of the estimated blood glucose concentration 0.001 mmol/L 0.1 mg/dL
The number of bits in the display:
• pressure measurement 3
• measurement of pulse rate 3
• Display the estimated blood glucose concentration, mmol/l 5 mg/dl 4
maximum cuff pressure must not exceed:
• Adult 300 mmHg
• Children 200 mmHg
up time: up to 10
Memory: last measurement
• temperature, ° C 10-40
• Relative humidity,% max 80
• temperature, ° C -50 + 50
• Relative humidity,% max 80
Dimensions (without collar): 170x102x55 mm
Weight (not including collar): not more than 500 g
Power: 4 AA batteries (1.5 V) or 4 AA batteries (1.2 V)

Where to buy, price

This glucose meter and tonometer costs around 170-300 dollars. You can buy "Omelon" in pharmacies or ordered online.