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Glucometer «Finetest» - is an effective and high-quality device designed to control the rate blood sugar. Glucose level meter Finetest The glucometer «Finetest» allows to a patient with diabetes mellitus very easily to control percentage of glucose in the blood.

Description of glucometer Finetest

Glucometers «Finetest» were developed by Korean company called «Infopia Co.Ltd.». This rapidly progressive company produces not only blood glucose meters, but also the high quality and precision equipment for different types of diagnostics for the entire population of the planet, which is used in the laboratory.

Glucometers "Finetest" use technology of electrochemical biosensors to determine glucose level in the blood. To complete measurement the device requires a drop of blood, which has a minimum volume of 1.5 microliters. The unit of measurement is mmol/l. It is easy to use this glucometer because it turns on and off automatically when the test strip is inserted o removed from the device.


The cost of device varies from $30 to $40 (depending on the store where you want to buy the product).


Based on the many studies that were conducted at three clinical centers involving 402 patients, the accuracy of the results, which were obtained after analysis by glucose meters «Finetest», can be compared with the results of the measurement of blood glucose level using laboratory automation system for testing called "Hitachi Glucouse Auto-analizer 747". The results of the study have shown that the discrepancy between the results of laboratory equipment and results of glucometer are lower than 3,5%.

Review of "Mogilev Regional Medical Diagnostic Center": "Accuracy of measurements obtained with glucose meters «Finetest »can be compared with laboratory data. Glucometers «Finetest» are calibrated to plasma equivalent and this fact equals to high standards of diagnosis. The cost of blood glucose meters and of supplies is good for the specialized agencies and simple patients. Our professionals are satisfied with ease of use of these blood glucose meters, by availability of supplies (test strips and lancets) and qualitative service».

Author of this review is the chief doctor T.A. Krupnik.


Test Strip type
Sample Volume
Sample Type
Test Range
Meter Calibration
Test Time
Memory Recall
Display Type
Operation Temperature
Operation Humidity
Meter Size
Power Supply
Battery Life
Electrochemical / Amperometric
Capillary whole blood
10 ~ 600 mg / dL (0.55 ~ 33.33 mmol / L)
Check Strip
9 seconds
200 test results
10 ° C ~ 40 ° C
10% to 90%
Size (L x B x H): 81 x 56 x 23 (mm)
40g (including batteries)
3V Li Battery (CR2032) x 1
5,000 tests
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