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Description of analyzer-meter Accutrend cholesterol GC (Akkutrend):

Blood sugar level meter Accutrend GCAnalyzer made by Swiss firm Roche Diagnostix Accutrend GC is designed to detect glucose and cholesterol levels. It is a portable device that runs on ordinary AAA batteries. It is very small, weighing only ~100 grams; it is also equipped by reflective reader and with LCD display. Dry chemistry method that is used in his work is modern, high quality and reliable. At the same time analyzer Accutrend GC is very easy in use that people can use it without having any laboratory training.

On the front panel is located the main indication display, on/off button, the button with which the time and date can be set. Analyze is effectuated on this device using specially designated test strips.

When the battery is installed analyzer can be turned on by pressing the button ON/OFF. Within 2 seconds, the system automatically will test the device. After first testing and first turning on of the analyzer the time and date can be adjusted by using SETMEM buttons.


Then the device Accutrend GC must be calibrated. To do this you need to insert a code strip fully into its gap with the lid closed. Within 2 seconds after the introduction strip it should be removed. If proper calibration is completed successfully the display will how three digits code to user that was read from the strip. If the calibration was made incorrectly on the screen will be displayed the message E-2.

When you work with the device, you should always remember that the code strip cannot be held together with the working test strips.

Test strips Accutrend GCAfter the calibration of device working test strip should be removed from the container, and then container with other test strips must be immediately closed. Test strip must be placed in a device’s slot in the same all the way when the lid is closed.

When analyzer Akkutrend will read the code from test strip, you will hear a double beep. After that the device’s cover should be opened. The side of the tip of the finger is punctured. The first drop of blood is removed by serviette, and the other one is applied to the yellow zone of the test strip in that way to cover it (yellow zone) completely.

Then the cover must be closed and you should wait for the result that will be shown on the display: In the measurement of glucose - after 12 seconds, cholesterol after 180 seconds.

Reviews about analyzer:

Accutrend GC gets great reviews. He is characterized as an easy to use, accurate and convenient device. The results of research on it is often more accurate than in the laboratory, using the old methods. But the results of research on modern instruments and reagents they match very well. Many patients appreciate the convenient and reliable test strips.

Analyzer Accutrend GC helps not only to patients suffering from diabetes or who have problems with cholesterol. It is good assistant for endocrinologist, cardiologist, or family doctors. It is widely recommended for people who need regular monitoring of the cholesterol or glucose values.

The Accutrend GC patients no longer need to spend time in the laboratory and waste time and money for paid researches. If you need to monitor cholesterol and glucose levels, this analyzer is what you’ve been looking for!

Use test strips:

For researches using Accutrend GC it is required having of the test strips. They are called: akkutrend-glucose or cholesterol akkutrend (depends from king of test strip). They can be used only until the expiration date that’s printed on the container. It is also desirable to have a lancing device and cartridges to him - special lancets. For use in the home conditions are recommended Soficlix Pro. Puncture depth of these lancets can be adjusted.


Glyukometr+ cholesterol Accutrend GC
Device Type: Accutrend GC
Part Number: See label (on the bottom of the device).
Measurement Method: Determination of the concentration of glucose or cholesterol in fresh capillary blood by reflectance photometry.
Dimensions: length x width x height = 115x62x18, 5 mm
Weight (without batteries): about 100 g
time measurements (glucose): 12 seconds
range measurements (glucose): 1,1 -33,3 mmol/L (20-600 mg/dL)
Measurement time (for cholesterol): 180 seconds
Range (for cholesterol): 3,88-7,75 mmol/l (150-300 mg/dL)
Wavelength: 660 nm
Display Type: LCD after 2 minutes, if not inserted the test strip, 1 minute, if you do not press any buttons or inserted test strip
Automatic shutdown device: 3 elements x 1.5
Power Supply: 50 values with time and date
Memory (for glucose): 15 values with date
Memory (for cholesterol): serial
Information output: 3-pin

Where to buy and price

The cost of the test strips for glucose is bout 22-26$ per pack, to determine cholesterol the pack of test strips costs around 55-60$ per pack. They can be purchased at pharmacies. Every container with 25 test strips contains code strip with which the analyzer can be calibrated. Lancets cost about 10$ per 25 pieces. The device Soficlix Pro costs around 20$. Also you’ll need sterile wipes and alcohol for analyze.

The cost of analyzer itself ranges from 250$ rubles to 280~300$. This analyzer is cheaper than other devices and is smaller than those that determinelarger number of indicators, such as, Accutrend Plus and other. The device can be purchased through online shopping sites, equipment suppliers, stores of medical equipment.