Glaucoma in diabetes mellitus, causes and prophylaxis

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GlaucomaDiabetes arises as a result of the inability of insulin that is produced in pancreas to inability to regulate blood sugar levels. Sharp fluctuations of blood glucose level provoke an increase of intraocular pressure, which, in turn, is one of the factors that cause problems with vision.

Causes of glaucoma for patients with diabetes

Risk of glaucoma appearance for patients with diabetes is 32% of the total number of cases of the disease, according to the latest medical research. The development of glaucoma in diabetes mellitus is observed in 5 times more often than in its absence.

If the diabetes lasts for a long time, there is a possibility of emergence of retinopathy (damage of the blood vessels of the eyeball). Also are affected the optic nerve and blood vessels that feed the eyes retina . Constant high level of eye pressure, characteristic to the affected of blood vessels, has adverse effects on the eye fundus, iris and it is also the basis for the development of glaucoma (damage of the retina).

If the blood vessels in eye work incorrectly, some new vessels appear in iris. They germinate in the iris, closing the outflow of intraocular fluid. Developing of neo-vascular glaucoma is starting that in the literal translation means "related to new vessels". If patient doesn’t start the treatment in time, this type of glaucoma can lead to blindness. And the success of treatment depends on the stage of the glaucoma that was detected. The earlier it is detected, the more successful the patient can be treated.

Prevention of glaucoma for patients with diabetes

Remember that people with diabetes have at least one time in every six months to take examination by an ophthalmologist, to measure intraocular pressure level and undergo other procedures as needed. Routine examination can help to detect vision problems on early stages. This, in turn, it will help to prevent severe glaucoma. Treatment is easier to start with eye drops, drugs and laser procedures. It is quite possible in the early stages of the disease and at the same time it will help to eliminate or postpone the surgery.

Drugs used to lower intraocular pressure should be strictly controlled by the attending doctor. Their simultaneous use with drugs that lower blood sugar levels it can lead to serious health problems. Don’t forget, that only your doctor can determine the necessary medications for you.