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In their homeland, India, ginger called, vishvabhesadzh translated "universal tool". The name of this root-like pawGinger in diabetesunseen beast fully justified. Appeared relatively recently in our daily lives, ginger firmly taken its rightful place in the medicine cabinet used aids, as well as in the preparation of delicious.

Useful properties of ginger root

Ginger contains a set of essential amino acids required by the human body. As is known, called essential amino acids, the synthesis of which is not possible in the body and can only flow from the outside, with food. Pulp root consists of a large number (about 70%) Patience & ndash; organic compounds, the main components of the organic resin. Their presence ginger owes its characteristic sharp and pungent taste. In addition, it contains the vitamins B1, B2 and C, the essential oil, sodium, magnesium, zinc, and potassium.

Ginger acts as a catalyst of all the metabolic processes of the body. Fresh juice root lowers blood sugar, and a pinch of dried powder daily helps digestion. Furthermore, the use of root regulates fat and cholesterol metabolism in the organism, lowers blood clotting.

Ginger root in diabetesGinger root in diabetes

When diabetes diet is becoming a necessity. A person simply has to comply with the restrictions in food. Adding ginger to food, you can achieve new flavors in deflating diets. In this case, the body will get the nutrients and mineral supplements.

Given that Type II diabetes occurs mostly in people with excess weight, help this plant can not be overestimated. For dropping extra pounds ginger fits best.

Treatment of diabetes saharnogr root gingerDiabetes ginger root

For the preparation of medicinal tea for weight loss need to take a piece of the root of the size of a small plum, scrape off the top layer of thin and cut into chips. Then pour boiling water (1 cup), stand 2-3 hours. Added to regular tea to taste, about 1/3 of the cup.

In order to improve the overall condition of the body is enough to add to eat dry powder rhizomes as a seasoning. But be careful, because the ginger & ndash; seasoning specific and strong action. Small enough extra pinch to all the dish was spicy and pungent.

Caution in the use of this natural means necessary. Especially for diabetics. After treatment of the disease is carried out with the use of medicines, which may not be combined with the impact of ginger.

Keep in mind that from the ginger tea reduced pressure, strengthens the heart muscle. The use of sugar-reducing drugs together with the reception decoction of the root is dangerous! Influence of properties of ginger may result in an undesirable strengthening of the drug. Before you start applying decoctions and tea should consult a doctor. Only your doctor can determine to use Indian & laquo; universal tool & raquo; or not. In any case, health to you!