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What causes diabetesAs you know, separate the two types of diabetes. I- insulin and II not insulin dependent. Insulin diabetes often develops in childhood, but an adult can get sick.


What causes diabetes?

Modern medicine is, as causes of diabetes, adopts the theory associated with hereditary predisposition and viral infection.

When disease-causing virus enters the body, involved in the work of its defenses and the immune system begins to produce antibodies to fight the disease. However, after the destruction of the alien virus, the development of antibodies does not stop, and they continue to produce and now, begin to attack the cells of its own body. This genetic peculiarity of the immune system. In the development of diabetes, is guilty of such a failure. Antibodies start attacking the cells pancreatic cancer responsible for developing hormone is insulin. The number of cells begins to decline rapidly, stops the production of insulin, develops the disease - diabetes mellitus I type. The time from getting the virus in body to development of the disease, each person individually. This period may be several days and dozens of years. Diabetes II type, generally develops in people suffering from overweight.


is There a gene causes diabetes?

a Recessive gene in diabetes mellitusWhen carrying out genetic research, it was found that predisposition to diabetes due to an autosomal recessive gene. This disease refers to genetically palifermin. Inheritance diseases associated with deficiency of the HLA gene, and inheritance is fully subject to the laws of Mendel.

When both parents are sick, we become sick and their children. In case of illness of a parent or illness in the family the second, a child may inherit the disease with a probability of 50%. If the parents are healthy, but their families have reported cases of the disease, the child is at risk in the 25%. About 20% of people carry a recessive gene that is responsible for the development disease.

be Sure to emphasize that derives itself not disease, but only the predisposition to it. And it is not necessary that you get sick with diabetes, if sick parents. This is especially true of diabetes mellitus II - type. Many children with diabetes, follow weight, maintaining normal weight and the disease does not develop.