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diabetes mellitus is a disease associated with metabolic disorders. This disease is directly linked to how well digested food, so it is important to know that when and most importantly, you can eat.

In the process of absorption of carbohydrates from food are converted into glucose circulating in the blood. And when in the patient with diabetes mellitus there is no enough insulin, the cells cannot produce energy through glucose. Thus, it remains in the bloodstream, actually, so the level contained in blood sugar becomes extremely high. It turns out that a limited amount of the right foods will surely help patients with diabetes. But not only the diet, but the mode is extremely important for such people. And if you skip or delay time meal, the glucose level in the blood can drop rapidly, which will lead to extremely dangerous for life, that is, to hypoglycemia.

it Turns out you can significantly extend the diet in diabetes. According to a recent study, of the products that contain gelatin, also from pasta (mostly durum wheat), glucose is absorbed very slowly. Thus it would be in the diet to include jelly, ice cream and some quality pasta. Since gelatin has many uses, primarily in the manufacture of various desserts. It's 85% protein, so it is minimum calories, and therefore, it can safely be used by those who suffer from diabetes.

gelatin in diabetes mellitusIt is widely applicable for making all kinds of jellies, marmalade, confectionary products. Gelatin is also popular in the preparation of meat and in the manufacture of sausages.

in addition to diabetic patients, preferably cooking for a couple cooking in vegetable broth and other liquids, possibly even with the subsequent roasting. Much less can they eat stews.

due to the fact that they need to eat a certain amount of food, of cooking, especially with gelatin, it is undesirable, it is better for such cases to be measured ware and follow the specified tables in the bread standards.

But just from the diet to exclude products from fancy pastry or flaky, greasy soups, soups with semolina, rice, noodles and fatty meats, which contain large amounts of gelatin.