Garlic in diabetes mellitus, treatment

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garlic in diabetesthat garlic has healing properties, is known to people since time immemorial. A list of illnesses, which helps to cure it is a magical plant that is really great. Even in very severe diseases, such as diabetes, garlic has a positive effect, slowing development of the disease.

Properties of garlic in diabetes

the Use of garlic is due to it contained a complex of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and chemical compounds. Its use as an adjuvant, due to the ability of this natural drug to lower blood sugar by 27%. Thanks to important chemical compounds in the composition of garlic, the patient's liver produces more glycogen. The process of decay of insulin in the liver, on the contrary, slows, resulting in increase of its content in the body and the sugar level in the blood is reduced.

diabetes causes irreparable damage of cardiovascular system, kidneys, nervous system and other organs of the patient. Eating garlic, garlic juice and oil extracted from it, is very useful in the treatment of various side effects. The presence in its composition of allicin and alistina, of minerals and vitamins make it an indispensable therapeutic tool. And the property of garlic to neutralize the fatty compounds, cleansing arteries and preventing the formation of atherosclerosis, for diabetes is invaluable.

diabetes and garlic

Any natural drug, is used only as an aid, especially at such serious disease as diabetes. Before you use anything, be sure to check with your doctor.

If you have diabetes, it is recommended to consume yogurt infused with garlic. To do this, crushed cloves of one head of the plant is mixed with 200 g of yogurt, insist the mixture over night and drink the next day.

Credited with diabetics daily use of garlic in food for 3 months. Every day you need to eat about 60g of the plants in powdered form (20 cloves).

you Can replace pure garlic squeezed from it the juice. 10-15 drops of juice add a fresh, raw milk and drink half an hour before meals.

there may be cases where large doses of garlic are contraindicated. But even with unstable diabetes, doctors recommend to eat one clove or consume it in the form of droplets, oils and capsules each day.

Regular consumption of garlic significantly reduces the level of sugar in the urine and blood of a patient after a couple of weeks. But do not forget that you apply the garlic treatment should only be in cooperation with with medication prescribed by your doctor.