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Glucometer Gamma Today is such a disease as diabetes is not heavy and does not affect a person or his life goals and habits, of course, if patient all the time watches for and observes his level of blood sugar. Statistics say that quantity of people that suffer from diabetes is about 5% of the population of all countries; modern medicine has achieved many good results in domain of treatment of diabetes and prevention of high blood sugar. Our days, if patient knows how to properly use special medical equipment for monitoring of his own state, he does not have to visit the hospital regularly and pass numerous tests in laboratories.

Especially for those who have to constantly monitor their level of blood sugar, new blood glucose meters that are created by medical specialists as glucometer Gamma Mini are very popular. Device for measuring blood sugar, also “glucometer”, helps control the level of glucose concentration in blood, as well as it can help the patient to make changes that will help to normalize the condition diabetic’s body.

Why should you choose Gamma Mini?

Among different models and different manufacturers glucometer Gamma Mini is still very popular and well-known. There are three reasons of this fact. First, it is the most compact glucometer, as evidenced by the second part of the name of this equipment. As result Gamma Mini does not deliver any amenities to old people or to people that go in trip or long journey due compact dimensions of the device.

This glucometer is approved and meets the requirements of the European standard of accuracy and also it requires no coding, that is very important when you speak about human’s life and health. In addition, it provides a very quick result (you need to wait only for 5 seconds) by pressing just one control button and it uses a minimal blood sample.

Principle of work of this glucometer stands in: a drop of blood is drawn on test strip, and then the unit starts counting down and shows accurate results of analysis just in 5 seconds.

Test strips for blood glucose meters Gamma Mini

Glucometer Gamma Mini works with test strips, which are designed specifically for self-measurement of blood glucose in the blood. GAMMA MS strips are designed specifically to work with the glucose level meter mentioned above. They are convenient because they have wide surface, so the sample of blood is drawn into the strip automatically, and to control the amount of blood needed for analysis, there is a special “window”.

Test strips give an opportunity to take blood sample from many parts of the body: hands, arms, shoulders, thighs, drumsticks.


Glyukometr Gamma Gamma Mini Mini
Measurement Method oxidase electrochemical sensor
Range 1,1 -33,3 mmol / L
Volume of blood sample (microliters | quantity) 0,5 ml (whole cap.)
Analysis time 5 seconds.
Operating Temperature 10 ° C-40 ° C
Storage device -10 ° C ~ 40 ° C
Storage test strips 4 ° C-30 ° C
Operating relative humidity <90%
range hematocrit from 20 to 60%
Memory 20 measurements
Blood sampling at alternative locations possible
Calibration Requires
Calibrated By blood plasma
Power source one battery of type CR 2032
Battery Life 500 test
Energy Savings Automatic shut-off after 2 min of inactivity
Glucometer Weight 19g without batteries
Glucose level meter size 86 x 22 x 11 mm
Automatic contact with the electrodes There
Automatic timing reaction There
warning uncomfortable temperature range There
Warranty 2 years, 10 years of free service

Where to buy & price of glucometer Gamma Mini

Glucose level meter Gamma Mini can be purchased from authorized dealers of the brand in drugstores, online stores and specialized stores of medical equipment. The price of the device starts from 35 dollars.