Ftruits for Diabetics. What are allowed and useful?

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The diet of people, suffering from diabetes mellitus, should be rich and have many fruits, vegetables, berries and of course dried fruits, because all of them have in their composition many vitamins andFruits and berriesdiet food fiber. However, not all these yummy things full of nutrient stuff are good. There are two factors that you should take in account when choosing fruits and berries.

First one: you should to control the quantity of consumed fruits. Oranges, and apples should be of an average size so they should be taken in one hand by you easily. Berries must to be eaten and consumed in normal quantities as well too. For example, a small cup of cherries is a good for taking of small dessert and healthy meal.

Second rule: you should know a glycemic index of the fruits and berries, that are allowed for eating to people with diabetes. This index is a measure of how rapidly carbohydrate foods change your blood glucose level.

Glycemic IndexFood selection according to glycemic index of foods

The citrus fruits have low glycemic index. Besides the exotic fruits, apples and pears are recommended to be consumed in moderate quantities.

Fruits and berries with glycemic index under 70 are the best choice for diabetics. Otherwise, when the index is over 70, the consumption of such fruits should be prohibited completely.

What kind of fruits are allowed for diabetics?Fruits for diabetes food

The most useful of all fruits that can be consumed in diabetes mellitus is grape-fruit. It has the lowest glycemic index and a lot of diet food fiber. High level of vitamin C improves the elasticity of blood vessels and prevents infections. Grape-fruit is also capable to lower the glycemic index.

Oranges are also good for diabetics. Their qualities are like those of grape-fruits, but you should remember that you can eat only one orange a time - it is allowed maximum.

Tangerines contain a big amount of carbohydrates and this is the reason why they are not recommended.

Apples contain a lot of kalium, iron, vitamin C and diet fiber; this is why they are on the list of recommended food for diabetics. Kalium has a beneficial effect for heart activity, it dehydrates the body and relieves edemas. Nevertheless, the most valuable substance that is located in apples is pectin - it has a role of blood cleaning agent. Pears contain all such useful substances too.

The exotic fruit Jambul, which is not so well-known and popular like other citrus fruits, is highly useful for diabetics. It can regulate the blood sugar level, because it is capable to prevent the starch transformation into sugar and it improves pancreatic gland functioning, and thus this kind of fruit is highly useful for diabetics.

The low glycemic index fruits are also apricots, peaches and pomegranate fruits. Water melons and melons have average values of the index.

Of course, if a patient has to follow some diabetic diet, then fruits are not allowed for consumption at all. If even small consumption of carbohydrates is allowed to the patient, then fruits in diabetic diet are indispensable because they will help to make the menu of this person more variable while pectin and diet food fiber will invigorate the emptying of bowel.

Unripe fruits contain less sugar in comparison to ripe ones. You should pay attention to this fact, when buying fruits.

In case if there is a need to reduce the level of sugar contained in fruits, they should be boiled and then the juice of half-cooked fruits is replaced with fresh water to finish the cooking.

Dried fruitsAllowed to consumption Dried Fruits

The dried fruits contain much more sugar than in fresh ones. The traditional compot made from dried fruits is not recommended for diabetics menu. The fruits must to be soaked into water for, at least, six hours. After that, the fruits should be boiled and water during the process should be changed two times. Finally, you should add to compot cinnamon and some saccharin.

Dried fruits must be soaked with hot water few times before eating.

Glycemic index of dried plums is 29, so it is not considered as high one and it is close to index of dried apricots which is 35, and it contains more than fifty grams of carbohydrates, therefore it may be consumed by patients with diabetes mellitus in very limited quantity.

The glycemic index of raisins is rather high. It is better to eat some grapes rather than that dried berries.

The lowest glycemic index have dried apples, especially the sour apples. The best variant is to dry an apple peel and make a tea of it. A tea like that is rich in kalium and iron.

Also low glycemic index and calories are the key indicators that should be taken in attention if we speak about dried fruits that allowed for diabetics.

BerriesBerries for diabetics

The most useful berries for diabetics are cherries. They contain rich quantity of iron which raises the blood formation. Cherries contain special fruit-sugar that does not increases the blood sugar level.

The lowest level of fruit-sugar is contained in gooseberries, especially when they are not ripe yet. The gooseberries contain big quantity of diet food fiber and vitamin C - the components of "good" food for diabetics.

The diabetics should make teas from fruits and to avoid consumption of fresh fruits. The same teas can be made of canker berry, leaves of bilberry, blackberry, blueberry and elder-tree.

The canker berry is a real stockpot of vitamin C, that is contained in this berry in bigger quantity than lemon has. In the fruit are contained vitamins K, P, B, tannins and pectin.

The glycemic index of black-currant is 25 and it has high level of vitamin C. Therefore it is good for diabetics. Besides the berries themselves, it is possible to use their leaves, which are useful too.

The glycemic index of raspberry is on the same level with the index of black-currant, but high level of fruit-sugar does not allow to patient to consume it in big quantities.

The grape contains fruit-sugar in pure form, this is the reason why you should be very cautious with it. You shouldn't eat more than 5 berries at one time, but grape is used to stop hypoglycaemia attack.

So citrus fruits that are allowed to consumption by diabetics should be considered, pears and apples.