Fructose in diabetes, is it possible?

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fructose diabetesNotwithstanding the contradictory diversity of opinion in regard fructose as a sugar substitute in General, the need for its application is obvious. Primarily, this is because those who suffer from diabetes, alas, not too big choice of food, in taste, replacing usual sweets. And if you know that a good attitude of the patient greatly contributes to the success of the treatment, periodic ingestion of small amounts of fructose can have to brighten up is full of limitations the life that has to a diabetic.

However, this consideration is more of an emotional than a medical character, and the first thing you need to know about fructose is the hard limit of its consumption. There is a special scale, whereby the child or adult depending on the age, weight and severity of the disease can determine your daily and, most importantly, safe serving.

Due to the fact that fructose is not synthetic, but natural product, often found in nature, its the sensible consumption brings obvious benefits. Due to the fact that it doesn't require to digest the involvement of insulin, fructose can be used in diabetes. So regularly using it as a sweetener a diabetic to experience high vitality and energy. It acts as an adsorbent of toxic substances, including nicotine and alcohol, thereby lightening the load on the liver. Thanks to low carb, it helps to control weight, the improvement of which, as a rule, often observed in patients with this difficult disease. In addition, it serves as a means of preventing tooth decay because, unlike sugars, does not cause harmful effects on the enamel of the teeth.

However, all the positive qualities of fructose in diabetes, granted to her by nature and scientific researches of scientists-physicians, can be nullified because of excessive violations of the rules. In this case, significantly increases the content of lipids and cholesterol in the blood, which immediately creates a burden on the cardiovascular system and damages the blood vessels of the brain, leading to memory impairment and decreased performance.

Thus, it is possible to use fructose in diabetes, but the amount required to closely controlled in order, on the one hand, to fully take benefit of this natural product, on the other hand, to reduce associated with overdose risk of complications.