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what is diabetesdiabetes is increasingly widespread among the population of the planet. Scientists estimate that patients with diabetes today, more than three hundred million people. People suffering from this disease, lack of insulin in their bloodstream glucose level. It brings a lot of problems, and people cannot enjoy life to the fullest... But why and why is diabetes?

diabetes is of two types. The first is in low level of insulin. The hormone ceases to be produced by the pancreas, or its amount is not enough to ensure that the body is able to absorb the glucose coming from food. In this case, the level of glucose in the blood and urine becomes higher than is acceptable. This type of diabetes is typical in most cases for people under thirty. While they have a small weight, and for them the disease comes on suddenly. To overcome the symptoms, they need take insulin to support the work of the body.

the Second type of diabetes is non-insulin-dependent. Here is the opposite. The body produces insulin even with surplus, only tissue do not perceive it. This diabetes often suffer from older people with more weight. They have a weakly pronounced symptoms, however, such diabetics are often experiencing stressful situations. To solve the problem of stability of the tissue cells to the produced insulin, they have to use special medications.


what and why is diabetes?

Often a carrier of diseases not even aware of it because diabetes is not manifested in any symptoms. But there are a number of reasons why it is possible to identify both disease types.


In the course of the disease is also observed the metabolism, causing the diabetic may gain or lose weight depending on the type of diabetes. People with this diagnosis should adhere to a special diet, not to drink alcohol, to exercise and to take special courses of treatment in sanatoria and health centers.