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what appears diabetesdiabetes is a disease which is faced every year more and more people. In this regard, we can conclude that the factors influencing the development of this disease, increasingly confront us in life. What appears is diabetes?

first of all, there are two main types of causes of diabetes - autoimmune and idiopathic, and, according to them, the disease divided into two types.

an Autoimmune diabetes is associated with impaired activity of the immune system, which begins to fight its own cells. Developed antibodies that Deplete Langerhans cells of the pancreas responsible for insulin production. As a consequence, the development is so vital for the metabolism of carbohydrates hormone decreases and sugar content in the blood and tissues is growing inexorably.


and why do I get diabetes?

the causes of idiopathic diabetes to this day, is uncertain, however, highlight the factors contributing to the metabolic and hormonal balance in the body, which is quite capable of becoming a valid reason for infringing activity of insulin in body tissues.

firstly, what appears diabetes, is considered to be heredity. It has long been observed that the pathology of metabolism and hormonal regulation in the body passed down in families from generation to generation. Thus, if someone in the family suffered from diabetes, the risk increases by 10-15%.

the Second reason why does diabetes mellitus, often referred to as a poor diet with a predominance in the diet legkorastvorimah carbohydrates - low molecular weight sugars. But if you add to this the lack of fiber diet, the reason for the failure of metabolism becomes evident.

Obesity can also cause the onset of diabetes. A large number of fat cells are quite able to block the action of insulin.

do Not get involved by taking glucocorticoid drugs such as prednisolone, sinaflana, and others, because they reduce the sensitivity of cells to the hormone that regulates the metabolism of carbohydrates, which can appear diabetes. In the list of diabetogenic medications also carry the bulk of diuretics and antihypertensive agents.

finally, it is worth remembering the famous saying modern doctors that the leading role in the development of many diseases plays a nervous system. Thus, the cause of diabetes may be the regular neurosis and stress.