Treatment of diabetes mellitus by juices - fresh pomegranate, tomato, beet, carrot, potato, pumpkin and noni juice

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Diabetes is an incurable and very insidious disease. In order to avoid severe complications and maintain good Juices in diabetes mellitus health condition not only medical treatment is enough, it is also needed strict adherence to properly chosen diet. A number of products should be excluded from the diet of patients that suffer from diabetes mellitus - carbohydrates, meats, fatty, fried, some kinds of these substances are severely restricted. At the same time, the use of dairy products, low-fat boiled or steamed meat and fish, vegetables, some fruits, juices from them, on the contrary, contribute to the improvement of metabolism and patient’s quality of life.

Question about what juices are healthy to be consumed in diabetes mellitus is important for many patients with this disease. First of all it is important to remember that for food are useful only fresh juices made from vegetables and fruits grown in ecologically safe areas without the use of excessive quantities of fertilizers and pesticides. Juice, which are sold in stores often contain preservatives and other chemical additives (colorants, sweeteners, flavor enhancers) or subjected to heat treatment, which reduces the benefits of their use to a minimum, and they can even cause worsening of the disease.

Pomegranate juice in diabetes mellitusFresh fruit juices

Freshly squeezed fruit juices should be diluted with water. When patient selects fruit juices he should take into account their glycemic index. Products are considered safe for diabetics if the value of their glycemic index is less than 70 units. Some of these products are apples, plums, cherries, grapefruit, pears, oranges, blueberries, cranberries, currants, and pomegranates. With care, in small amounts can be used the juice of watermelon, pineapple and melon. The most useful are apple, cranberry and blueberry juices. Apple juice contains pectin that reduces the level of insulin contained in blood and it helps to clean it up. It also has antidepressant properties. Blueberry juice has anti-inflammatory properties, improves vision, memory, skin and it is effective means for the prevention of such a common complications of diabetes, as renal failure.

Juice of non-sweet species of pomegranate can be used for diabetes. Pomegranate juice is prescribed three times a day: 1 cup with 1 table spoon of honey.

Cranberry juice helps reduce level of cholesterol that is contained in blood, strengthens the immune system. It contains pectin, hlorogeny, vitamin C, citric acid, calcium, iron, manganese and other essential trace elements to the human body. Vegetable juice in diabetes mellitus

Vegetable juice

Vegetable juices, except tomato juice, are not commonplace in the diet of most people, but people with diabetes should know that drinking of vegetable juice (tomato, beet, carrot, potato, cucumber, cabbage) can greatly facilitate the course of their illness and that they help to avoid development of some complications of this disease and appearance of associated diseases.

Tomato juice in diabetes mellitusTomato Juice

Tomatoes contain several times more biologically active substances than apples and citrus fruits, and their number increases with the ripening of the fruit, so people with diabetes appropriate for juices pick the ripest fruit. Through a balanced content of freshly prepared tomato juice malic and citric acid, iron, calcium, potassium, sodium, magnesium, its use helps to normalize metabolic processes in the body, stimulates the production of gastric juices, and improves heart function. This juice is rich in vitamins C and A. But also tomato juice contains substances that stimulate the formation of purines so its drinking should be avoided by those who suffer from gout, gallstones and kidney stones.

Beet juice in diabetes mellitusBeet juice

Beetroot juice contains high amounts of sodium with little calcium content, which may significantly increase the digestibility of the latter, and it contained chlorine can stimulate the activity of the lymphatic system, cleanse the liver, kidneys and gallbladder of toxins that are contained in them. This juice can be administered to treat digestive problems and constipation.

Use of freshly beet juice can cause dizziness and nausea, so it is recommended to consume a moderate amount of this drink(50-70 grams per day), mixed with carrot and cucumber juices.

Carrot juice in diabetes mellitusCarrot Juice

Carrot juice contains 13 different vitamins, 12 minerals, as well as alpha-and beta-carotene, and various phytochemicals. It is a powerful antioxidant that provides effective prevention and treatment of diseases of the cardiovascular system and the deterioration of vision, skin; it also reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood. Carrot juice is added to other vegetable juices to improve their taste.

Potato juice in diabetes mellitusPotato juice

Potato juice contains magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, and it effectively fights with metabolic disorders and diseases of the skin; it is capable to lower blood pressure, detoxify organism, to strengthen the blood vessels and heart muscle. It is an excellent sugar-reducing agent, and has wound-healing, anti-inflammatory, diuretic, antispasmodic and tonic effect.

Potato, like beet juice can be mixed with other vegetable juices to improve its taste and medicinal properties.