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urination in diabetes mellitusFrequent urination along with severe thirst, are the hallmark signs of diabetes. Lot of urine is excreted, the organism, accordingly, severely dehydrated. the Second type of diabetes mellitus is often complicated by diseases of the excretory tract, and inflammation of the bladder is one of the symptoms of this disease. Diuretics containing thiazides can cause disease. When the first type of diabetes in the urine is produced and accumulated a lot of ketone bodies, which might come poisoning. With any type of diabetes mellitus sugar in urine, so measurements in blood.

the Major reasons frequent urination diabetes there are two. The first is that the body tends to bring out unused glucose. The second reason lies in the fact that damaged during the course of this disease nerve endings, the body gradually ceases to control the tone of the bladder. These changes are irreversible, improvements can occur in principle. If in some cases, helps the rejection of some products or drugs that provoke urination, in this case, all will be useless and will not help special exercises.

Chronic urinary tract infection observed in patients with type II diabetes caused by improper diet. This type of diabetes the doctors found in most cases by chance, it develops after forty years. Frequent urination in diabetes leads to inflammation in girls, the external genital organs, weakness in the body, in the mouth appears dry. In addition, one begins to get tired quickly, loss of appetite, begins constant thirst, weight loss, which is not noticeable in obese people.

men may develop balanoposthitis, which is an inflammation of the foreskin. This is due to frequent urination and infection. On this basis it is possible to establish the progression of the disease, in the same way as the deterioration of vision. In the early stages to help sports activity and then control the tone of the urinary tract is lost completely. Overweight and in the families of patients with diabetes significantly increase the risk of developing the disease. The output can be a exercise and correct food diet and regular checkup from a specialist. Then the risk of diabetes is reduced.