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Cream for feet in diabetesPeople that suffer from such a problem as diabetes mellitus, know that the lower limbs of the body are among these parts of body, whose health could is threaten by high levels of sugar in the blood. One of the manifestations of the "syndrome of diabetic foot " can be a long time healing wounds, ulcers, and in extreme cases even gangrene.

To many people bring inconveniences unpleasant sensations in the legs, such as burning, tingling and numbness. There is a big variety of diseases of nails, feet deformity, and excessive dryness of the body skin. Sometimes, these problems are a signal that a person needs a treatment.

Cause of the problem is poor blood supply of body tissues, often leading to reduced immunity of the skin and the appearance of fungal and bacterial infections. To aggravate the situation may numbness of feet - polyneuropathy. The defense mechanism of reaction to pain may lose its strength due to the low sensitivity. This leads to the fact that the skin damage goes unnoticed, and only at late stages, when the inflammation becomes obvious, it begins to be treated, sometimes treatment requires a long time. To avoid such situations patient with diabetesshould systematically apply a foot cream in the care. Foot Cream or patients with diabetes has a unique formula using only carefully selected ingredients and substances in its composition.

Foot Cream with diabetes, how to choose the right one?

diabetic foot syndrome is manifested in the form of changes in the occurrence of which is influenced by elevated blood sugar - polyneuropathy, combining vascular changes and changes in the immune system.

Special features

cream diabetes that improves the patient and his legs in particular, is the impact on the structure of unique formula.

Market Pharmacy offers a wide range of conventional creams for skin care, but there is not a simple task it is to choose those that can be used without fear of diabetes. It is important that the composition of these creams for patients with diabetes did not include alcohol, salicylic acid, various colors and preservatives.

means at its composition glycerol, are also undesirable for use, as they can lead to clogged pores and formation of a film on the skin, which does not allow it to breathe. It is therefore important to choose a cosmetic cream that offers no harm, and authorized for use in diabetes.


choose socks to avoid skin problems feet in diabetes?

We advise you not to wear socks made of nylon or Dacron, and abandon the wool socks. Synthetics and wool are often irritating to the skin, promotes sweating feet, and leads to the appearance of cracks and various infections. Most favorable to patient’s skin are socks made of cotton and mixed fibers. There is no need to change them immediately if you feel that your feet sweat. For patients with diabetes special observance of personal hygiene plays a significant role. Clinical studies show that such measures can reduce 3-4 times the risk of diabetic ulcers, fractures and gangrene. In the latter case, any creams will not help and patient will need surgery or even amputation. Be nice to your feet!