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Legs and foot care in Diabetes MellitusIf you are a diabetic and you care about your feet correctly then, first of all, pay attention to the fact that you need to make an independent examination of the parts of body and don’t forget about it. Watch for possible changes or damages and it is not important how small they may be. Verify the color of the skin, and if fungus does not spread and of course the condition of the nails. Be sure to check the feet and the spaces between the toes, it is recommended to carry out such procedures in daylight.

Ways to care about your feet

It is important to wash your feet every day, and in case of hardened skin to handle them with a pumice stone or a blade. After washing of feet be sure to wipe it dry, do not forget about the nails and intervals between toes.

Before sleep lubricate the skin with cream. This simple procedure will help prevent cracking of skin. Be sure to lubricate by cream foots; it soaks much worse in this region, but it should not be obstacle to completing of procedure. When sweating is certainly better to use talc.

When calluses appear you must be extremely careful. Throw away all thought about cutting them. Try to handle them gently with a pumice stone, but, in any case, do not use callus plaster – do not to hurt yourself.

Feet care in diabetesIn the first aid kit of anyone who suffers from diabetes, must be presented furatsilin, dioksitin or, hlorgesedin, in other words drugs that are necessary for the treatment of wounds. It is strictly prohibited the use of iodine, green fodder and even alcohol, because they are not only slow down the healing process, but also change the skin color, which can lead to the development of pathological processes that will go unnoticed. If you noticed, it's been more than two weeks, and the wound does not heal all, you should consult your doctor immediately and he will help determine the cause of this fact and will find right treatment just for you.

To avoid unpleasant situations during a pedicure, you should handle nails with using of nail file and do not cut them with scissors. Nails should be cut regularly, and if you’ll not do so, they will not only cling shoes but they will put pressure on the toes too, which will cause ulcers, from which are difficult to be treated.

If you noticed the appearance of fungus on the nails, you need a mandatory use antifungal solution not only the surface of the nail, but the spacing between fingers and on the foot too, of course; this will help prevent further fungal infection.