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Low Glycemic IndexEffectiveness of any diet is defined by its composition. It is important to consider and take in account not only the calories of the product, but also the value of its glycemic index, which is usually denoted simply GI. For a right diet you need meals made of foods with low glycemic index. He is the guarantor of the slow cleavage, and thus more efficient processing of received food. Slow cleavage retains a feeling of fullness for a longer period of time, which is especially important for the diet, involving frequent meals in small portions.

Glycemic index of products

Foods with a high glycemic index have high levels of "fast carbs", so they are all kinds of pastries, white bread, mashed potatoes, and even boiled carrots. All vegetables are best to be consumed raw, otherwise thermal treatment will destroy the beneficial components.

Low glycemic index can be found in many vegetables like for example: eggplant, onions, tomatoes, cabbage, broccoli, and so on. That is why it is recommended to replace more than half of the diet of vegetables in their raw form or in the form of salads, dressed with vegetable oil or lemon juice. One of the leaders of the largest GI have sunflower seeds. No less useful in the diet are berries, fruits (especially grapefruit and lemon), nuts and mushrooms. Even bitter dark chocolate can be allowed to be consumed. Have low GI protein foods too: beef, chicken, eggs, fish and dairy products.

Meals and Sample menu with low glycemic index

When you make a menu with a low GI you have to know that is not recommended to mix fats and carbohydrates. This is allowed only occasionally and must be accompanied by consumption of salad with fresh vegetables. Examples of such foods:

- meat and potatoes,

- fish or meat with rice,

- pasta with meat and other products.

As a side dish it is better to use of green vegetables, mushrooms, leaf lettuce, tomatoes, eggplant, zucchini and other.

Sample menu:

Half an hour before breakfast. It is recommended freshly squeezed grapefruit juice and two kiwi or lemon juice (orange) with kiwi and pear.

Breakfast. Yogurt (low fat) and coffee drink, or low-fat milk and rye bread.

Lunch. You can eat steamed fish with a garnish made of mushrooms, salad of fresh vegetables and a little bit cheese. Another option can be vegetable salad, a slice of cheese, steak garnished with boiled broccoli.

Snack. It is good to consume green apples or other fruits with a low glycemic index. Bananas, peaches and apricots are prohibited.

Products with low glycemic index Dinner. For dinner is allowed steamed or boiled with a side dish of steamed vegetables chicken meat, fresh vegetable salad, which can be replaced with non-fat yogurt. Another option in this case can be vegetable soup (no potatoes and broth are allowed to be present in its composition), pasta with mushrooms and low-fat yogurt.

Particularly helpful for weight loss are considered dishes made of various kinds of fish, lean meat (chicken, beef), seafood (shrimp and squid), vegetable soup (without potatoes), fruits and berries (frozen in winter and fresh in summer time).

This food is not recommended for people that suffer from presence of diabetes mellitus. Meals based on foods with a low GI help to lose weight and to continue to maintain a constant level of blood glucose. You must remember, any diet favors healthy and natural foods, so sauces, mayonnaise, GMOs, preservatives and other harmful additives should be avoided. With the right approach to the preparation of meals with low GI diet will not only be useful and diverse, but very tasty too. Bon appetite.