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Boiled meat with low glycemic indexIn modern society, number of people with excess weight is increasing. Some people live with it and some people do not suffer presence of extra pounds, but most of them fight with this problem and experience different ways of losing weight. In course of weight loss all possible recipes are used. But often even with consumption of diet food people cannot say goodbye to excess weight: either it does not go at all, or only a small part of excessive body mass disappears.

In this case experts advise to pay attention to the figure, which is specifically designed for diet of patients that suffer from diabetes mellitus. It’s called glycemic index, and it shows how the ingestion of carbohydrates increases level of sugar contained in blood. Nutritionists argue that ignoring of glycemic index leads to the fact that people keep diet but not lose their weight at the same time.

It is ideally for all who are watching their health and control your weight to know about nutrition according to the glycemic index of foods.

To lose weight, you need to remember that the food on the menu with that hashigh glycemic index(cereal, flour , pasta, some fruits, bread) should be combined with a protein food or you should to eat only carbohydrate foods, and it is better to make it in the morning. You must not combine recipes that contain proteins and fats, as well as fats and carbohydrates. In the second half of the day you should eat foods with a low glycemic index(vegetables, cheese and fruits) . For those who want to lose their weight, it is advisable to follow the glycemic index of the food they eat, but do not bring themselves to feelings of hunger.

Meat has low glycemic index, but it is rarely eaten without garnish, so the menu recommends combining it with vegetables (tomatoes, zucchini, cabbage, peppers, but not carrots or beets, which lead to higher glycemic index). Fish and meat are best to be prepared steamed or baked to reduce their glycemic index.

If we speak about grains used in the diet, it should be remembered that the rice has a high glycemic index, and it is better to be consumed in the morning. Purified rice has higher the glycemic index. Brown non-refined rice has the index is two times lower than that of the purified rice. It is much healthier and has fewer calories than white rice.

Those who are watching their healthy diet and want to get rid of extra pounds can use this simple menu:

Salad of carrots and beets with low glycemic indexAt breakfast: carbohydrate meal (cereal, cereal, yogurt, cheese) or vegetable salad made of carrots and beets. At lunch, it is better to use vegetables, fresh berries or fruits.

At lunch you can eat vegetable soup, cooked without meat and potatoes. On the second course it is recommended a piece of boiled meat and vegetables. Several times a week (no more than three) in addition to vegetables you can take a side dish of cereals.

Snack can consist of fresh fruit juice.

At dinner you can eat low-fat cottage cheese, boiled or steamed fish and vegetables with low glycemic index, fruits (apple, plum, apricot).

Following to recipes, that consist of products with low glycemic index, you can not only get rid of extra pounds, but also reduce the level of cholesterol and level of blood sugar.