Primary detected, prime diabetes mellitus

Type 1
2nd type


Primary cause of diabetes mellitus is a disease of pancreas when endocrine cells are destroyed that causes drop of insulin contained in blood to a critical level. Cause of death of endocrine cells can be cancer, viral infections, pancreatitis, toxic lesions and even stress conditions.

Symptoms of primary detected diabetes mellitus

Prime diabetes mellitusThis type of diabetes has, as a rule can be met in people under 40 years, including children. Presence of the disease is detected quite easily, because from the beginning it is accompanied by acute complications that may cause patient's state of impaired consciousness or coma.

The impact of seasonal factors on the occurrence of prime diabetes mellitus is most often identified in the late autumn, winter and early spring that means that it is found in a period of increased incidence of viral infections.

Treatment of the disease

If you have identified with diabetes mellitus of first type (prime diabetes mellitus of 1st type), decisions should be made quickly because deterioration of metabolism develops quickly. There is a theoretical risk to life, but if you do deliberately, it will remain theoretical. So do not delay treatment and don’t waste time.

If there is any doubt in the correctness of the delivered diagnosis, turn in a blood test for C-peptide and insulin. In primary diabetes, these figures will be lowered. Actually, the appearance you have this disease, you yourself will feel the change in his status, such as constant thirst, increased urination (polyuria), weight loss, fatigue, increased appetite and itching.

Primary diabetes is divided into two types: insulin-dependent and insulin-independent. By the way, in the second case, the disease can occur hidden metabolic disorders.

In case of insulin dependent diabetes patients receive in primary way injections of insulin. Patients should not be afraid of it and look for some other methods and ways of treatment but if you have such type of diabetes you cannot live without insulin because body can’t supply its amount by itself. If you have diabetes mellitus of first type (insulin-dependent form of the disease) you should learn how to put yourself injections, as well as expand the pockets of so-called "diabetic" cards that will inform people how to help you in case of hypoglycemia.

Prophylaxis of the disease appearance and diet

You have also to adhere to a special diet, involving consumption of foods that have low level of carbohydrates, but that are rich in proteins same time. From menu should be excluded sweet foods like sugar, jam, cakes, etc. There are products only those products that contain vitamins, like, for example, fresh vegetables and unsweetened fruits.