Rice in diabetes mellitus. Is it allowed to eat?

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Rice in diabetes mellitusOne of the most common disease of our time is diabetes mellitus. It is an endocrine disorder that affects tens of millions of people, and the statistics has been steadily growing. But diabetes is not a sentence; patient with this disease only has to make some changes in personal lifestyle and diet. As in healthy humans, the normal vitality and functioning occurs when carbohydrate diet occupy little over 50% of the food. The body of diabetic cannot control blood sugar level itself, as happens in case of healthy people, so the patient himself must constantly observe this indicator manually. From the diet should be excluded everything that causes a sharp increase in level of sugar in the blood. So what is allowed and what is not there? After all, most of the body needs carbohydrates found in vegetables, fruits and grains. Do they also have to give up? In this article, let us examine one kind of cereal and find out is it allowed to consume rice in diabetes mellitus.

Rice in diabetes mellitus

Rice is grain crop, cereal, which is a major power in more than half the world's population. Until recently, it was considered quite safe and beneficial for diabetics, but in 2012, American scientists from Harvard published the results of an experiment. Their results shown the fact that eating white rice leads to the development of diabetes mellitus of second (2nd) type. Quantity of white rice from food is directly proportional to the development of the disease. In addition, glycemic index (a measure of sugar) is very high in white rice. On this basis, it can be argued that for people with diabetes is not advisable to use rice.

Brown rice

Brown rice in diabetes mellitusAlternative replacement for white rice is a whole grain or brown rice. It contains carbohydrates, which are called simple, and hence, its use does not lead to a drastic increase of level of blood sugar in sick person. Brown rice has a lot more advantages compared with white. It contains only complex carbohydrates, soluble fiber, selenium, polyunsaturated fatty acids and many vitamins. The second layer of the rice husk beans are not removed during processing, and that she retains all the benefits of brown rice. Eating of brown rice is a healthy diet and very useful, especially for patients that suffer from presence of diabetes mellitus.