Figs with diabetes

Dried apricots


People suffering from diabetes have extremely carefully to determine their diet. Many productsFigs in diabetes mellitus are completely eliminated, others can be used only in a certain form and at different stages of disease development. To products, with mixed recommendations for eating is figs.


Useful properties and limitations in the use of figs

Figs is absolutely contraindicated for people suffering from diabetes in severe form, as it contains considerable amounts of glucose and fructose. Moreover, figs contain enzyme fitsin, which helps reduce blood clotting. Given that in severe forms of diabetes, people often develop problems with healing of all sorts of open wounds on the body, the figs should be completely excluded from their diet in any form.

Use figsHowever, people in whom the disease has not taken a severe form, can afford to eat the figs fresh and in reasonable quantity. The fact is that despite the relatively high glucose content of fresh figs help to reduce the amount of sugar in the blood. And the glycemic index of this fruit in fresh form is very small - 35. Therefore, in diabetes mellitus of light and medium degree of development of figs is it is possible, of course, without abusing them.

BUT! ATTENTION! Figs in the form of dried fruit already has all these positive properties of fresh figs.

first, in dried figs significantly increased the percentage of glucose: from 15-23% to 40-70%!

secondly, the dried figs has a unique ability of reducing blood sugar, and it provokes a sharp increase.Figs in diabetes mellitus

For these reasons, the figs in the form of dried fruit should be excluded from the diet of people with diabetes of any severity! Also dried figs - the product is quite nutritious. The calorie content in 100 grams of figs is about 50 kcal. People with high blood sugar contraindicated high-calorie foods and overeating. Therefore, the energy value of dried figs is another reason why it should be excluded from the diet of people suffering from the disease diabetes.

Thus, diabetes eating figs in fresh form and in moderation. But people with severe forms of this disease include in your diet figs in any form are contraindicated.