Little (small) blood sugar, how to restore the glucose?

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Little glucose in the blood (lack of sugar)When the concentration of sugar in the blood is lowered to the level of 3.3 mmol/l. hypoglycemia occurs, i.e. the lack of sugar in human blood. Typically, a diabetic patient notices a sharply emerging hunger, tremor in hands, fatigue, can also be a cold sweat, in some cases there is numbness of the lips and blurred consciousness. At night time this can manifest itself in nightmarish dreams, fainting, increased heartbeat and sudden hunger.

Hypoglycemia may occur in healthy people. Usually this happens when a person follows a strict diet and suffer from lack of glucose. In diabetics severe attacks are unlikely and this is due, as a rule, with a deviation from the usual mode of life and treatment, for example, with the use of alcohol in large quantities or by administration of insulin in doses that exceed the norm by two to three times.

Insufficient level of sugar in the blood is an unpleasant phenomenon, but with less severe forms of lack of glucose, easily and quickly it can be restored at home by the diabetic. In addition, the decline in such indicators only confirms that the insulin works (restores the level of glucose).

That hypoglycemia is not passed in the heavy form and was not dangerous, you should consult with your physician about acceptable level of blood and permissible frequency of hypoglycemia, that is, to establish the indicators that will be for you to considered normal. And if you suspect the presence of symptoms similar to the symptoms of lack of glucose in the blood, it is necessary to use the glucose meter to accurately know what you don't confuse this state with anything else. Once your suspicions have been confirmed, you need as quickly as possible to restore blood sugar levels. To do this you must eat sugar-containing products. Some sweets a long time to digest, so will not be effective in this case. Products, which are suitable to eliminate the hypoglycemia, it is two to three tablespoons of sugar, the honey in the same quantities, a glass of fruit juice or lemonade, two or three pieces of candy. You should not use these products in amounts less than recommended. Otherwise they will not restore the necessary performance. Eating bread, cereals or chocolate will not give the desired, as these products are too long to assimilate.

After the measures the glucose level in the blood should return to normal within five minutes. If the result is not available should be consumed the same dose of the recommended products. After the elimination of defects in blood sugar, you should eat "slow" carbohydrates: bread, cereal or apples.

Hypoglycaemia is necessary to eliminate in the Bud, because due to the lack of glucose, moreover, that the unpleasant symptoms will continue for too long and the sugar can jump much higher than normal. If severe form of hypoglycemia, and the patient lost consciousness, you need to call an ambulance, and while waiting physicians have injected a small amount of glucagon. This drug allows you to instantly restore the level of sugar in the blood. If the drug is absent, you can try to RUB the patient the gums with honey or jam.

For the prevention of hypoglycemia is necessary to observe only a few mandatory rules: do not skip meal after administration of insulin or taking tablets, drinking alcohol only in small amounts and not on an empty stomach, to avoid excessive physical exertion and to control the dose received by the body of insulin. But everything should be within reasonable limits, because the lack of insulin and lack of physical activity also lead to hyperglycemia.

After the fall of sugar in blood is less than normal, you need to analyze the possible reasons for its occurrence that such a shortage is not repeated. Not to be left in the lurch, diabetics should always carry sugar, candy, as well as information on how to help them in the event of a fall in glucose levels below normal recorded on paper and, preferably, the syringe and glucagon.

Remember that such States can occur in healthy people. That does not mean that you are sick, because it is normal. It's just a natural reaction of the body. Everyone should monitor blood sugar levels and keep it normal.