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the law diabetes mellitusIn the Russian Federation, the diabetes is recognized a serious problem not only for the individual but also for society as a whole, and therefore is the basis for the emergence of the law on obligations of the state in medical and social protection. Public policy in this area is aimed at legislative support of the rights of patients with diabetes, the liability of local governments and public authorities for infringement of these rights.

General rights patients with diabetes mellitus according to the law of the Russian Federation:

- health protection under the Constitution;

- free provision of primary, urgent, emergency, specialized care and prevention of complications;

- free medication, means of administration of insulin and disinfection of the skin before the introduction, by means of self-control;

- learning the ways of compensation of diabetes;

- education;

- ensuring of equal conditions for self-realization.

Responsibilities patients with diabetes mellitus the law of the Russian Federation:

- save and strengthen your health.

- to provide information about their health to medical workers;

- timely execution of medical prescriptions.

what can count Federal exempts (invalids), patients with diabetes mellitus according to the law?

Third group:

- provision of holiday each year (not less than 30 days);

when providing a written statement to the exempt given leave to 60 days per year without pay;

- discount at least 50% on housing (state, municipal house) and utilities, the cost of fuel in homes without Central heating, purchased within established norms;

- priority of a plot of land for the conduct of individual construction and maintenance of cottages and farms.

Second group:

- exemption from payment of stamp duty on 50% on any kind of notarial acts;

is the reduction of working time (35 hours per week) while maintaining full payment of the labour;

- not paid the tax on property of physical persons and land tax;

the presence of corresponding medical indications gives the right to free prescription drugs and medical devices;

the admission to institutions of secondary or higher professional education without competition after passing the entrance exam;

- installation of telephone out of turn;

is the queue at the enterprises of trade, service life, etc.;

tax deduction in determining the tax base - 500 rubles;

- plus benefits granted to a third party.

the Disabled first group get the same benefits that are provided when the second group of disability act diabetes.

All Federal benefit recipients, patients with diabetes mellitus benefit from state money paid every month plus a social package, which includes free travel on commuter trains and additional medicines, free vouchers for Spa treatment (if indicated) once every three years with free passage back and forth.