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Fasting in diabetes mellitus Why fasting may be useful or harmful, when a patient suffers from diabetes of first (1st) type (adolescent) or second (2nd) type (adult) of this disease? A row of researches point out that fasting or decreasing the number of meals per day weakens the acuity of the disease, or it may even help to cure the diabetes. This is because insulin is thrown into blood as soon as the food comes in. In this case any snacks are not welcome because they increase the insulin level in blood.

People practicing some fasting to treat diabetes can achieve similarity of blood and urine of diabetics and those, who restrained from eating. The reason lies in specific changes of physiological indicators, which are similar: glycogen level in liver goes down, organism begins mobilization of inner resources that leads to fat acid transformation into carbohydrates with ketones and acetone smell of urine and saliva.

Healing fasting in diabetes mellitus

Many scientists say that a fasting in case of presence of diabetes mellitus is not only possible, but it is useful. Actually, short fast periods (1-3 days) are not very effective for diabetics. Anyone, who is eager to get rid of the disease, should go in for medium or long fast periods. At the same time patient should consume minimum quantity of 3 liters of water per day.

Treating diabetes with fasting, is it possible not to eat?

In case if patient is starving for the first time, it is better to be in a special hospital, under control of nutritionist, especially, if it is diabetes of second (2nd) type. Before the healing fasting session it is good to eat vegetable food for 2-3 days and consume 30-50 gr of olive oil per day. Right before entering the fasting period it is good to have a cleansing enema.

After hypoglycemic crisis (as a rule in 4-6 days of fasting), the smell of mouth goes away. This is a sign saying that the level of blood ketones started decreasing. The level of glucose is normalizing and keeps on that level for the whole period of fasting. This is the time when all metabolism processes go normal and the load of pancreatic gland and liver is decreasing, and signs of diabetes mellitus start vanishing.

Possibility of diabetics fastingDifferent doctors advices different periods of fasting. As a rule it is enough to keep fasting for 10 days in order to improve the patient's health condition significantly.

Personal nutritionist and endocrinologist will help a patient to go out of fasting. We can give just very general advices.

It is better to start fasting with some nutrient liquid: vegetable juice diluted with water, then natural vegetable juice, milk whey, cooked vegetable broth. The first 2-3 days patient should not consume any quantity of salt as well as the products rich in proteins.Salads, vegetable soups and walnuts will help to preserve the effect achieved in the result of full fasting and will prevent any injury of feet (like "diabetic foot" and so on).

Some doctors are recommend to eat no more than 2 times a day after full fasting. Fewer quantity of meals is, the lesser insulin invasions happen. Moreover, amount of the insulin secreted does not change from the number of times of eating.

In the course of fasting physical activity of a diabetic goes down as a rule, but after fasting it must be not only restored, but also increased more than it was before as the muscular load decreases amount of insulin in the blood, too.

Good luck and for fasting freely!