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Diabetes mellitus may kill anyone

Diabetes mellitus is a very widespread disease and nobody may feel secure from it. Many ordinary people and also celebrities are suffering from it. Some experts say that all of us, all humanity stands in front of global epidemic. According to stats, in 1995 133 billion of people have been suffering from this disease, in 2000 the official number of patients was 117 billion of people and in 2025 it is expected to be doubled according to some forecasts.

So, let us review, who of the well-known and famous people have been suffering from diabetes mellitus and how they have been struggling this problem:

Bobby Clark

Celebrities with diabetes mellitus As everyone knows, he was serious about hockey since being 3, but in age of thirteen he got sick with diabetes mellitus. However, that did not stop him from becoming a professional player and getting his dream real, so he became famous hockey player, known around the world. As he said: sports and correct diet helped him to overcome the disease.

George Minno

In 1934 he got the Noble Prize and became the first of diabetics, who got it.

John Stapp

Celebrities that suffer from diabetes mellitus In spite to fact of disease presence, he took part in races and was awarded with title of the fastest man on the Earth.

Bill Talbert

Unfortunately, this famous tennis player got sick with diabetes when he was 10. Nonetheless, he could win 33 national titles and became famous all over the world. This outstanding man died when he was 80 years old.

Aiden Bale

Using constant insulin injections, he started the marathon for 6500 km and crossed the North America. Later, using his own money, he has established a special foundation, which was involved in domain of diabetes mellitus researches.

Elle Fitzgerald

Celebrities that suffer from diabetes mellitus Many years this jazz singer have been fighting the disease and lived 79 years. During that time she had conquered billions of fans. But for last four years of she could not appear on the stage because her both legs had been paralyzed.

Nikolai Dmitriev

The proffessor of medical science suffers from diabetes and carries out serious operations by controlling of whole process under the microscope.

Piers Anthony

Celebrities stat suffer from diabetes mellitus There exists no man in the world, who would not know the titles of the books by this author. This science fiction writer has been suffering from this disease for many years. He believes that it is possible to overcome the diabetes mellitus by means of positive attitude to the life, sports and correct diet.

Lydia Echeveria

This famous actress, that is known not by her wonderful roles, but also by murder of her husband that was a producer, is also suffering from this problem. This was exactly the reason why they released her from the prison before the appointed time.

Salma Hayek

Celebrities that suffer from diabetes mellitus This is a famous actress, who conquered the hearts of billions of people. She is worshiped and many fans are eager to watch the next movie where Salma Hayek is starring. But not many people know that this famous actress suffered from diabetes mellitus. She got sick when she was pregnant, but after baby birth the disease has gone away. However, doctors say that beloved actress is still in the risk group.

Leonard Thompson

Leonard Thompson was the first man who was saved with just discovered insulin. That was in 1922, and today he would be 102 years old.

Vladimir Strakhov

 Celebrities that suffer from diabetes mellitus This man is a chief in the Institute of Earth Physics and he suffers from the diabetes mellitus of 2nd type. In 1996, in spite of this disease, he went on hunger strike for two weeks, claiming the funds for the employees' salary. At that time Vladimir Strakhov was 65.

As you can see the diabetes mellitus is not so dangerous as it may seem. It is important to pay attention to it, live a healthy life, have a correct diet and attain to some objectives. Doing like that will help to become a successful person even if you have diabetes mellitus. Have a good health and good luck to you!