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Eye drops in diabetes mellitusGlaucoma develops due to the stop of the normal drainage of fluid located inside the eye, and its further accumulation, that causes a rise of intraocular pressure. It causes damage to blood vessels and nerves of the eye, and, as a consequence - vision changes.

The treatment of glaucoma is made by medication use and surgical techniques, laser treatments, and special eye drops. To prevent serious eye problems patients with diabetes and this disease should be regularly examined by their doctor - ophthalmologist.

As medications for glaucoma commonly used drugs such as betaxolol, timolol, latanoprost, pilocarpine. In most cases, using 0.5% and 0.25% s-s drop of timolol, that is sold in pharmacies under the brand names: fotil, timolol-ICCO, ophtalmological i-timolol, okumol, arutimol and more. Timolol (Arutimol)

Eye drops Arutimol at the local application helps to reduce intraocular pressure (as high or normal) due to the reduction of fluid within the eye. It doesn’t cause effect to accommodation and size of pupil of apple of the eye.

Drug has its effect within 15-20 minutes after its instilling into the conjunctival sac. The most significant reduction of intraocular pressure occurs after 1-2 hours. The effect of the eye drops persists about one day (24 hours).

Instructions for patients who has treatment using this medication

Patient should visit their doctor regularly to measure the intraocular pressure and do examination of the cornea and the appearance of possible side effects.

Using of contact lenses is also not recommended for the treatment with using of this drug, because there is a possibility of settling the preservatives on the edges of soft contact lenses, and it will have the negative impact on the eye tissues.

Before instillation of the drug hard contact lenses should be removed and after instillation patient should put these ones back after 15-20 minutes.

If prior to the treatment by using timolol drops patient previously applied miotiks, he must carry out the correction of refraction.

In case of a possible need for surgery, patient should abandon the use of the drug for 48 hours before surgery.

It is not recommended to instill into the eyes two or more beta-blocker drugs in form of eye drops simultaneously.