Exercise therapy in diabetes, a complex of exercises

Physical activity
Physical therapy


exercise therapy for diabetesUsing physical therapy in the treatment of patients with diabetes due to the influence of physical exercises that stimulate tissue metabolism, the accumulation of sugar in the muscles and its utilization in the body.

Under the influence physical activity blood glucose levels decrease to almost normal values. But exercise should be dotirovanie as reinforce the action of insulin: in patients with excessive weight normalizes metabolism, reduces fat deposition. Physical therapy helps to fight muscle weakness and weakness in patients, which is accompanied by diabetes mellitus: loads increase the body's resistance to many unfavorable factors.

mild forms of diabetes a complex of therapeutic exercises cover all muscle groups. Basically it is a movement with a large amplitude, mean speed, and small muscle groups is recommended even fast paced. As you progress through the complex exercise therapy introduces more advanced exercises: exercises on the equipment, with objects or with weights. The duration of each lesson with a high density is not more than 45 minutes. Parallel with gymnastic exercise use a measured walk: at the first stage, up to 5 km over time - up to 12 km are Welcomed sport activities as skiing, skating, swimming, Jogging, but all this should be done under strict medical supervision.

With an average disease severity of gymnastics and motor mode contribute to the stabilization of drug dosage. Use for all muscle groups exercises of low and moderate intensity. The duration of training should not exceed half an hour, the density of occupation should not be high. it is recommended dosed walking at 3-7 km.

If the patient has severe form of diabetes, which also accompany diseases of the cardiovascular system, the first classes fit physical therapy methods for diseases of the cardiovascular system it is. Stress on the body make a small - moderate. Core exercises - for small and medium muscle groups. For large muscle groups exercise is introduced gradually - necessary caution in the process of adaptation of the organism to stress.

When determining the dosage of the loads take into account that exercise performed at a slow pace, lowering blood sugar (diabetes consumed as muscle glycogen, and blood sugar).

the Classes exercise therapy for diabetes start until an hour and a half after the introduction of insulin and light Breakfast (otherwise often occurs hypoglycemia).